Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the babychino by taj

There is an art to drinking ones babychino; just ask Taj. Today he is going to give you a run down on how your little people should be drinking them, and also how you should be if you are inclined to try it out for yourself. For me I leave it for the little people, not a fan of the warm milk, although I have been able to eat a few stray marshmallows.

Enjoy your day today. I am off to photograph the new Minti summer stock in the studio.... awesome label. I will then follow this with some coffee drinking and white toast eating at my cafe. All the things that will be gone by the end of the month; for a week that is, maybe? You know you want to join me for the cleanse next week! Pop on over to Nat's blog, there are warm up steps to the week of cleansing your way into spring.

See you tomorrow with some awesome images of the new Minti on my little people; if all goes according to plan. It is a full moon, anything can happen!


  1. so absolutely adorable that taj! lovely photos!

  2. Beautiful pictures, he’s so cute!

  3. Love these gorgeous pics of your little man enjoying his ccino. They made me smile. So cute x

  4. love them all but my fave would have to be the one with mouth open in anticipation for that first sip. taj is so damn cute x



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