Thursday, August 26, 2010

we love MINTI

I love when a new season starts, especially when it comes to fashion. It feels like christmas right now for me with all the lovely new stock falling at my doorstep. I have been busy unpacking boxes and filling orders for customers all over the world. When I receive stock in I love to photograph it on my little ones and use these images for the website and for the business.

Yesterday Simon and I photographed Minti on Keely and Taj, and it was awesome. I am really impressed with Minti and it looks fantastic on them. We had a blast, and were able to capture some fun images in between takes and also the modeled poses.

Keely was right in her element and loved showing off her new threads for summer. Everything she modeled I bought her. She wanted to be dressed in Minti this summer, and who was I to say no with such a hot label.

Keely will be wearing some other brands this summer too, but Minti is her staple brand. Taj was rockin' Minti. He was a little harder to shoot, but we managed to capture some cool images, one of which is now on the front page of the website.

Heavenly Creatures arrived late yesterday so there are a lot more images to be captured. Keely tried on all of the girls and it is divine. There is something magical about this label, and you can see fairy tales come alive.

There are busy times ahead for Little Pinwheel and I know the next few months will be a test of my balancing between being a mother, friend and a business woman. The main thing is I love all that comes with Little Pinwheel and I know with my heart behind it there will be a lot of Little Pinwheel to be seen in the future.


  1. i just love minti too!!

    i was speaking to the designers a month or two ago about what a special brand it is and it is certainly both my boys staple brand!

    Gorgeous photos too :)

    I love the new dresses they have done this season.. so different to anything else i have seen them do !

    Bring on the money so I can start making some pur-cha-ses!


  2. you have a great eye Hayley, the shop's looking fabulous!

  3. Stunning Stunning Stunning photos! Loving these soooo much. Taj & Keely are so cute & Hayle's you don't scrub up too bad yourself.

    Thank you so much for sharing these. I just went shopping for Minti on Little Pinwheel. So cute!

  4. Love! Love! Minti. Gorgeous photos. I wish my girls were still little enough to buy and wear MINTI!! x

  5. My first order from little pinwheels arrive yesterday and I love it. Your pictures are awesome, you have such beautiful little models to play with :)

  6. loving the tee taj is wearing where he is holding the sunnies x

  7. oh and what a stylish mama you are too..your grey cardigan is just perfect x

  8. So gorgeous! Clothes look super funky AND lucky Keely with her new summer wardrobe. Lovely :)



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