Tuesday, August 24, 2010

date night

Being a woman I love to have date nights. We all need a date night! My date nights consist of emailing back and forth with my lovely friend in Melbourne. She is the friend, Nat, who is putting me through the cleansing week. Last weekend we decided it was time to do no work. It was saturday night. One should do something a little different. It was Nat who twisted my arm and told me that I am a little crazy and should be having a little more fun on a saturday night.

my wish list

We drank our herbal teas, and we went shopping. Flicking email after email to each other with our favourite finds. How lucky I am that I did not actually purchase a thing, as I would have been broke. There of course were some fun pretend purchases. We were a little mean to each other, and decided it would be fun to pick out the perfect clothes for each other. This is a game I play with another one of my friends, Anna. I am always thoughtfully dressing Anna, although I am not sure if she thinks of it that way. Anna too gets into the game, and we have stepped it up a notch by choosing matching outfits.

nat's wish list

It is nice to have routines. Not just for the little people but for yourself. I am trying to put me first a little and having my own routines is allowing me to do this with a bit more ease, and less guilt. Even if one of my routines involves online window shopping on a saturday night.

Do you have a date night? What do you do? It has to be a bit more romantic then two friends virtual shopping. Although I must say it was awesome. There will be a second date.


  1. BAHAHAHAH! Hilarious! There will be a second indeed! So much fun... all from the couch! You forgot to post your Tshirt & fave shoes??

  2. Sounds like lots of fun, might have to give online window shopping ago :)

  3. Love it! What a great idea. Also really loving great slouchie pants this season...

  4. I see silver connies in there! I saw a doozey of an outfit for you today. And there was a matching one for me. Hot. xxx



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