Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the nickname

When you are younger it is cool to shorten your friend's name. Find a word that reflects them as a person. A nickname. I thought you would outgrow this "name" calling, but to my surprise it keeps going well into your 30's. I actually think it gets somewhat cooler to give a friend in their 30's a nickname.

As a child growing up I was called;

hayles, hayz, comet, smiley, shiner, choccie, (this was because I would always go brown in summer, like a chocolate), and weirdo, (this surprisingly was a nice nickname).

As an adult I am known as;

hayles, (this is my classic nickname, the name that never dies), habbles, hayles bum, looooooser (a new one written on my takeaway coffee cup from my local cafe), bleaseeeee, blease, and hab.

I have no doubt there are more. There would be the rude names that people may call me under their breath or the nice names also under ones breath that I do not hear. Well one can only hope for that one. An art of the nickname starts from the parents and is handed down to siblings, other family members, friends, and then passed onto complete strangers.

Taj : Tajeee, Joannie, TJ, bubba, Taj bum, Mr T, master Taj, and all the rude words Keely calls her brother under her breath, that mum still hears.

Keely : KT, poppet, princess, (that is the one that I don't think will ever go), and Poppy.

I love a good nickname. The name that is nice. What was your favourite for you, and if you have little people what are their nicknames?


  1. me: jessigirl (this one has lasted the longest), maddo, sunshine, jessi, jess, JC, JVM, lady

    zac: zaccy, zaccy-boy, bubba, Zacco, master zac

    tom: tommy, baby boy, tom-tom, trouble maker, tombo

    Cool post Hayles Bum! ;)

  2. Im Nat. Often Natty. Sometimes I get called Kringo. My husbands nickname is Rubber! My daughter Olivia, gets Liv, Livvi and Livvi Lou. I love a good nickname!

  3. lovley post about an exciting topic...;)...name of our little one is (in german/english):sonnenschein (sunshine), bobble, miss tragic,süsse,ebbs and some more...and now i will thought about my own nicknames...;)...thanks for this play...its so fun...and i wish you a great creative week...cheers and hugs...i...

  4. I have a confession. I am hogging a nickname, saving it until the time is right. My grandpa always called me and my sisters 'Blossom' and it reminds me so much of him. I have visions of me giving my daughter the same nickname, and refuse to refer to my four nieces as blossom in case my sisters catch on to it!! Is that horrible?! haha

  5. Oh I love this game. I am the chief nicknamer in our family, my kids have all sorts, here goes:

    Noah: Tookie Sanchez, Noah Bean, Wookie, Woogs, Tookus, the Bean, Nosey, Noah Feather Boa, Nosey Posey, Sanch, Buster, oh I could go on!

    Scout: Scouty Boo, Scoutle Bug, Rosie, Miss Mousie, the Mouse, Boop, Boopie, the Boops, the Boss, Boss Hog.

    Me: Lexi, Lexmo, Lexmo Dizzly, Alby, Alice, Alan, Zandra..

    I will stop there! x

  6. Love it Hayley!

    Here are mine:

    Me: Mimi, Mumbala, Kel
    Poppy: Pops, Bubbles, Popply Dopply, Popster
    Oscar: Boss, Bosscar, Bosci Boo, Boochichi, Bubba, Bubbaloo
    Kenn: Chubb

  7. cool post Hayles!

    Amelie : Ame, monkey, pop, amelilie, milie
    Aidan : Aidi, aidanlilie, lilie

    the ones that are used the most.

  8. Alexandra is TikiBoo. Which also gives us Tiki, Ticksy, Tikka, Tikalicious...it's endless really!

    I used to get KittyKat...but I don't like it.

  9. ooh ooh ooh... how fun!

    i started off with hayley fresh for you, but it didn't really stick, did it? i also think it's funny that you call your kids gromets.

    and lexi, you crack me up, hehe {see}!

    me : bec {soooo boring, it's just so predictable to be rebecca and get bec}, mummy mum, beccy boo, beccy lou, shorty {school days, thank god they're over}, wattsy, miss muffet

    scott : daddy dad, scotty, scooter, scooter rooni, zippy

    summer : froggy, summer bumm, moo, moo moo, missy moo, miss muffet {or musset as summer says}, curly lox, curly tops, rouchey, rouchabella, summ


  10. My brother calls me Jacovich, or Jekky but mostly everyone calls me Jac which isn't so much a nickname as a shortened version.

    We have Mr. T as well. TT, Turtle, T Man or just plain T.

    Our Noah is called NooNah or Noo and a million other variations by me.

    I like nicknames as it makes me feel loved. Nice post Hayles!

  11. Great post! My name is Linda so I always got Lindy Loo which I abhored. I like Lin and Linny but a certain few. My dad called me Moocha (apparently I mooched around) and Pinhead (go figure!).

    My husband, Erik: E, Big E, Dutch, Giant, Big Fella, Stretch (he's 6ft 6.5), E-meister.

    My son, Finn : Finny, Frodo Baggins, Booga, Mr T, Finnilicious, and his little sister calls him Gabba (don't know why).

    My daughter, Hannah : Han, Bisa (coined by big brother when he couldn't say Baby or Hannah), Hans G, meisje (Dutch for little girl), Hannah-Banna, Princess, Poppy (as in the Dutch word for doll - Popje).

    This has been fun!

  12. Me (Mandy) - Molly, Moo, Madly, Schills

    Hubbie (Damien) - Damo, Maso, Cooee, Hooter, Honky

    Molly - Moo Moo, Molly Moo, Freckles, Missy Moo, Little Beady eyes, Long Molly, Possum, Blossum

    Poppy - Pops, Popster, Popswali, Passion Pops, Poppy Poo, Princess, Blondie

    Monty - Mont, Monster, Montasaurus, Little bloke, Little dude, Evil Kanevil, Munchkin

  13. Cute topic!

    me: bron, B, bronno, bronnie, batesy and brown.
    toddler: mooshi, moo, michu pichu and moosh-moosh

    Fun :)

  14. Great post. Actually had me thinking - trying to remember....

    Me: Katy - Kate (obvious), Katy - girl, Miss Katy.

    Chloe: Chlo, Chlo bo, Chloe Faith, Miss Chloe, Miss Faith, Chicken.

    Might have to think up some for the ol' boy!

  15. my babies have little nick names for no reason
    winter; kitten
    seth; bear
    indie; bunny

    Seth actaully believes that his name is seth bear tho! he is 3 lets hope he realises before he starts school! x

  16. Damn - I missed out on doing Matt:

    Matt's nicknames are: Max, Maxy, Maxwell, Matchy, Matchstick, The Kent Mann.

  17. Gooky and Potty are two of my daughters nicknames,
    and mine was Pikaninny (said in jest, since i was as far from a cute little dark baby as could be!)

  18. great post! I love nicknames - especially the ones that truly stick and you can't even remember how they started!
    My name is Nell and my husbands is Ben - we have plenty of boy/girl versions of nicknames including:Nello Bob/Beno Bob, Nellus Bobbus/Benus Bobbus (the Latin), N Lo/B Lo (thanks to our J Lo-esque booties!)and i've given our teeny nephews some awesome ones... Tyler = tylerlicious and Coby is CrazyasaCoConut (because he's mental, even for a two year old!)

  19. Nicknames come good and plenty in our house. As you know Avery is known mostly by Buggie, but she also responds to the numerous other names we have given her bug, sweet pea, lovely dovey, Avie, Avs, and most recently "sisty". Nolan was called Jellybean in the belly, but since coming has taken one numerous other names most of all, bubba, hubba bubba, dude, little man, stinkie, heder {inside joke with Hubs and I} and as his sisty calls him "brudder".

    As far as me its hard to shorten Amy but Aims, Aimous, Amy Sue, Me Me, and Wifey. I most call Hubs Jeffie.

    Wow that is crazy to type out, you would think my kids would have identity issues! And I left half off!

  20. I really like this post.

    Let's see for me the one that has always stuck is Nena.

    My oldest 7 year old Madilyn's nicknames are:
    Mady (most common), short stuff (which for now she loves), may may (by her youngest brother)

    My youngest Tristan only 2 years old:
    Tristan boy, pumpkin (not that he looks like one LOL) oh and he has given himself one as of yesterday, super hero although it sounds more like suppa hewo

  21. For me it has been a long 30 years of Paigey Pooh {like Winnie The Pooh}. :)

    My son, Peter, is called any range of Peanut, Peanut Butters, Nut, The Nut, Nutty, Nutty Pants.

  22. My daughter Charlotte is only 10 months old and I don't think anyone calls her Charlotte - she is know as Charley which I adore but she also gets Choo Choo, Chewey, Chikka, Chikka Boppa, Munchie - I wonder if she even knows her name ? ? Great Post

  23. For me it is Vick, Bub, Hun, mum, mummoo
    For my oldest Rachel it is Raye, Rach, Shel
    For my youngest it is Brookiee Chookiee, Bella Boo, Brookles, Boo

  24. I have a short name that has never really been shortened even more, so I am stuck with plain Alice, my Mother when I was small called me Chrystal Palace...
    My husband is named my wolf: mon loup...
    My daughter Stella I call Nounette, & my husband calls her Nouchka. Our son Constant has the same nickname as all the french boys, Loulou, not much choice for the little boys here, my husband also calls him Louchkov to go with Nouchka...
    What a wierd collection of little names we have, i have never thought about them until now.
    Take care & God bless.



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