Wednesday, July 28, 2010

writing a chapter in life

Over the last two weeks I have been really looking after me. I have been doing the work I "have" to do and beyond that I have been me, a mum and a friend. Beyond that I have been unable to accomplish anything else. My home is clean. I manage to do that, and I manage to put clean clothes on. Although the clean clothes have sat folded in the wash basket a few days, or until they have been worn.

There does come moments in your life when you do need to slow down. Figure out what you want out of life. Where you are going, and most importantly how to get there. I have had my whole life change and now I am trying to piece together what I would like to do for my future. One that will not only make me happy, but that will keep those smiles on my children's faces and also support them.

I am not completely there yet. I know I want Little Pinwheel to be successful, which it already is, but it needs to be putting the food on the table. I want to write. I need to write. This is my thing. And now I need to see where I can take my thing. How can this help me, help others and in turn make me happy? I am sure I will find the answers. It just takes time.

For now I will keep moving forward. It is a nice path to walk on. There are a few bends, but I think the bends will disappear for a few months and I will find an easier way to get there. I am not a list person, as I am too creative. I cannot turn on the brain to think right sometimes. So to write a list I need to write a story. Write what I am feeling in full sentences and paragraphs, no points.

It is a list; a chapter in my life.


  1. Hope your chapter unfolds the way you want it to :)

  2. I look forward to reading what you have to say in sentences and full paragraphs :)

  3. What?! Not a list person? Lists are the best! But if you write yours in full paragraphs then I look forward to reading it :)

    Move forward lovely, it's the only way to go. xx

  4. Good on you for slowing down. I feel my life is forever going at the speed of a roller coaster and am unsure how to get off!!!Perhaps i need to take a page from your book and give myself (and children) the space to find clarity and enjoyment in my life now as you have rightly done in the past weeks.

  5. I totally agree with you Anna, lists are the best, hehe! No doubt your chapters will be far more inspiring a read though Hayley!
    I stumbled over your blog through Rummey Bears and have been hooked ever since. Your babies are so darn cute and you write in such an honest and uplifting way. Plus I think your glasses are AWESOME! xx



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