Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the little people room

The little room is finally finished! The gorgeous prints I ordered last week from an amazing artist arrived yesterday, and I just need to get them framed. I cannot wait to share these, as they are really beautiful. Then once they are up, and I find a rug for the book reading corner it will be complete.

Taj now sleeps on a trundle bed during the day and still in my bed in the evening. (Which I love)! I bought my favourite bed linen from the little kidz closet, Boodalee. I love the fact you can buy any boy's or girl's range and it all goes together, no matter what theme you choose. Their room is so bright and colourful, with red being the main colour. The inspiration comes not only from a toy pinwheel, but also a rainbow. White walls, and lots of colour! Children love it and I think it works so well together.

Their book reading corner is lovely with the vintage cranes I bought from Pulp Life. I love how they float over their heads. If they like, they can put their bean bags in the corner and lay down and read their books. But for now they love their pods!

I love how they have all of that room to play when Taj is not using his bed. It has created a lot of space for a two bedroom unit. It also means that this is their space and I get my space in the lounge room. Which really is more our space, but without all the toy clutter. I did think about getting bunks, but I feel they are both too young. I know there would have been accidents and I am not ready for broken bones!

We love our new home, and the little people space!


  1. Their room looks gorgeous Hayley! Love the colours and just perfect for a little boy and girl sharing a room.

  2. I love it Hayley! It looks awesome! Im loving the cranes! What an awesome space for little people!

  3. Hayley,
    I love their room the colours and the decorations are perfect.
    Congratulations on a fabulous job


  4. Love it - looks great! Do you have any tips for living in a 2 bdroom apartment with 2 kids? In terms of space, storage, anything really. I'm in a similar situation, have 2 toddlers (2.5 and 1 yr old) in a 2 bedroom apartment, and love hearing about how others deal with it too! Currently my kids are in separate rooms, one is in with me, but looking to put them in the same room but space is at a premium in the kids room!

  5. It looks amazing!! what a gorgeous space for them to enjoy XO

  6. It looks beautiful, lots of colours! I love the vintage cranes.

  7. Looks amazing.... has given me inspiration to finish off Tallulah's room!

  8. What a fun spot to be...your little one's must love it!

  9. Stylish as always Hayley! Looks really lovely. Can you tell me where you got the trundle from? Our little ones will go into sharing a room later this year before #3 arrives and am trying to work out best space saving options. My searches for attractive trundles haven't been very successful and am thinking of getting one made if I can't find something suitable. Keep up the awesome writing!!

  10. Hi Marryam, With space and two little people in a 2 bedroom unit I personally think when they are big enough to get bunks or trundle bed. It saves so much space. Before the trundle bed I had the cot on one side and Keely's bed on the other. It worked, not as much space as I would have liked, but storing the toys away in drawers made a huge difference. It would mean it was tidy at the end of each day.

    Hi Tahnee, thanks! The trundle bed and bed are from treehouse furniture. It is the matt bed. You can also buy the bunk and only put one bed up at a time. I should have done this initially and also bought the trundle, but I went for just the one bed. The link to their site is;


    and you can also buy the bed barrier to stop them from falling out, which I use on the trundle for Taj's daytime sleep. It also fits on the trundle and if you don't pull the trundle out all the way it is like a big cot! Works really well.


  11. It looks fabulous! I love the reading corner. The pic of them reading together is beautiful... look how big Taj's book is! And he's too busy checking out what his big sis is doing.

    And those cranes... can't wait to finally go to Pulp! ONE MORE SLEEP! xxx

  12. hi hayley, love the colours, they look so bright and the white makes it all really fresh! kids in the one room is great...when it works!

    we moved all the toys in to benny and uli's room and it has made a huge difference to the feel of the house. things still creep up the hallway but it's much better than before. plus their room is at the other end of the flat and if they want to be rowdy in there, they can!

    xx tali

  13. Love love love their room, I was actually looking at Taj's bedding for my boys room. The cranes are stunning, and I see some cute bun buns too. My two share a room and though space is tight I love how close it makes them.



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