Friday, July 2, 2010

happy weekend

I am feeling rather happy today. It is friday. Yes the lonely chick flick friday, but now I know it is not so lonely and I feel really happy about that. Maybe we can have our own chick flick club! Ok, sorry for those men that read the blog and for those women who do not like a chick flick. I will just leave it for myself, and for it to be my thing. It is nice to just have a thing!

This weekend is going to be amazing, busy and so much fun! I am shooting the kids room! Yes, it is going to be finished as Taj's bed arrives today. The big bed. I am sure he will only sleep in it during the day for his day sleep, but I am happy with that. I honestly have to say I would miss our cuddles during the night. He calls me most nights to come to bed, if I am not in there by 11pm. You can hear a little voice saying, "mumma, mumma, cuddle." It more sounds like cuttle!

I will do my usual walk with my lovely friend tomorrow morning, and my sister is coming with her fiance and her step daughter for the day. I hope they arrive early enough for the waffles! I also have styled shots to do on sunday in the studio for some summer products. No they are not in store, it is samples! I am shooting for a magazine spread. I cannot wait to do it. I am very impressed with this labels summer range. Amazing!

I hope you all enjoy your weekends. See you on monday for a fun craft day!


  1. What's the movie this week?

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. XO

    Mine will be filled with backyard grilling, lots of swimming and fireworks! We are going to celebrate the perfect summer time holiday, our Independence Day!

  2. Happy nearly-weekend Hayley! Look forward to craft Monday - you're so good with these things you do :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Love Keely's dress!



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