Monday, July 26, 2010

craft monday :: decorating fairies

With the first of August approaching our craft had to be something to do with Keely's little penpal, Avery. I honestly cannot believe how quickly the date to post has come around. Keely really wanted to make Avery a crown, but unfortunately where we bought our craft from did not have any cardboard. Keely chose to decorate some fairies this week for Avery. I am sure if we do not make a crown for Avery sometime this week we will next month.

The fairies we bought were pre-made cutout fairies which you can decorate in anyway you would like. Keely chose to not only paint some, but to also pull out her craft box and decorate them with anything she could find to make them look like princesses.

The best thing about these fairies is Keely is one of the fairies and Avery is the other. Keely specifically asked for blue shoes to be cut for Avery as this is her favourite colour. It has been at least 3 weeks since we opened up the letter from Avery and Keely still remembers blue being Avery's favourite colour. Don't you just love how little people have a head full of sponges!

If you wanted to create these yourself at home I am sure you could draw the shape of the fairy on a thick cardboard and cut them out for your little people to decorate. You do not have to stop at fairies. Butterflies would be easy to cut out and also decorate. They do not have to be perfect, you do not have to be an expert cutter. Remember your little ones will make a plain piece of paper come to life with the right elements.

Enjoy making your fairies!

{all images are in black and white as I do not want to spoil Avery's surprise too much. Plus I am loving black and white this week}.


  1. fairy are so cool, they look awesome!

  2. Hayley, I had to laugh. Poppy has the exact same cut-outs and loves making and decorating her fairies as well. She also uses the 'googl'y eyes as well as lots of stars - in fact, Keely's fairy could double as one of Poppy's little creations. Too cute!!

  3. I spy some frankie wrapping paper. I just used the exact same one to wrap a gift yesterday. x

    PS≥ I love how in the last photos Keely's fairies look like the have beards. hehe.



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