Monday, July 5, 2010

craft monday :: talking hands

Over the weekend I was lucky to have my sister to visit. We butt heads all the time as we are very different. But for the first time this weekend we both knew this and were happy to have a few words to each other and then to move on. I am a big softy and she is a tough woman. Together we do just clash! She brought along her fiance and her step daughter. I thought it would be a lovely time for Keely to play with her cousin through some fun craft.

During the week I found these fun animal hands, temporary tattoos for talking hands. I bought a couple of packets and once they arrived I realised they are for adults and not kids. They are fine for kids with really big hands, but I am not sure if there are any little people with really big hands! Using my old creativeness I pulled out the paint brushes, some paint, the talking hands and I asked each of them which was their favourite.

Loreli chose the shark, but wanted it as a dolphin, and Keely chose the giraffe. I painted the shark on Loreli without the teeth to turn it into a dolphin. With each colour I asked them to sit and wait for it to dry. Being children's paints this time was very quick. I finished each animal off with the eyes and any darker colours that went on top of the base colour.

The little ones chose the zebra to be stuck on me and then we had fun with a little talking hand puppet show.

This craft is great. Even if you cannot draw very well you can still manage to pull this off. You can do so much more, make people, other animals, and use a few different elements from your craft boxes. Just make sure you use safe products on their skin that will wash off with some soap and water.

Enjoy making your talking hands!

I thought I should also let you know I have decided to take the week off blogging. I will be posting an image a day, but beyond that I am going to be doing a lot of work towards the website. This is the time that a lot of the summer stock will start to arrive, so I need to be on top of it. Plus the sale is going crazy!

I personally have also found my "thing." My thing is to write, and I have made a place to go and do this. It is a wonderful safe place to be and to completely be me. I have a voice, and it is nice to find my voice is through written and typed words.

See you all properly next week. I will still be here posting images each day, so you can still say hi! Take care!


  1. They look awesome, looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. I've recently discovered your blog and i'm hooked! You have really inspired me to get crafty with my kids and try and capture it all in photos like you do. I have recently started getting into photography and your photos make me want to keep practising and get more creative. Do you do anything in photoshop with your pics? They are so bright and sharp! I love them. Mine don't come out anything like this. Just wondering if exif details are available? Thanks for the inspiration on many levels. Your kids are adorable too by the way :)

  3. hi Judy, thank you for being hooked! I love blogging and I am hooked too. I shot these images with a 50mm lens. I love this lens, it is so sharp. I use a combination of lightroom and photoshop to do my images. I have a few presets I use from time to time, and then tweak beyond them to get it right. I also shoot in the kitchen which is full of natural light. If you can find a place in your home with the natural light then photograph your children there. It helps!

    Any other info needed, you can just email me if you like!

    Take care!

  4. Hayley, these are awesome! Next time I come over will you paint one on my hand? I want the little kiwi!

    Enjoy your week off. xx

  5. Love! This is an awesome craft idea.Happy week off to you :)

  6. hello dear friend,
    what a lovley and creative idea...its so funny and make me so smile...thanks for sharing...i can understand that you make a little break. At the moment i have a lot to do, too...besides the bloggerWorld and so today its the first time after last monday i had time to jump here and write you a little hello...wish you a great working week with a lots of sunny happy moments...cheers and hugs...i...

  7. Thanks for that. I have a 50mm so have been using that lots lately and making progress slowly but surely. So much to learn! It's frustrating that I can't capture it as i want to sometimes !
    Thanks again :)



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