Tuesday, July 20, 2010

people watching :: super parents

Last week I felt like I had been slapped in the face. I really was knocked off my feet as I tried so hard to be this amazing mother for my children. I know I need to come first. If I don't then who looks after them? I was slapped with the realisation that superwoman does not exist. Well, I think she is here sometimes, but there are times that she cannot be.

I don't like seeing people in pain. I don't like seeing people suffer and feel completely useless. I cannot handle seeing my son in pain, and know that his development is being affected due to this pain. I am just like any other mother who does not like to see their children hurting, and the mother that wants to comfort them and make them feel better as much as we can.

I did some people watching over the weekend. I watched parents with their children.I watched how a caring arm would be there for them as they played at the park. I watched how parents would sit back and watch their children. I personally love doing this myself. It is lovely to sit back and just watch. When I looked around I saw so much love. I saw many women that were wearing their superwoman outfits, men dressed as superman, and even a few batman. I realised that I am not the only one that thinks I am superwoman, or tries to be. We all do it. Every parent has used their powers to get through this week, as we will the next.

So yes, superwoman does exist. But there are times when she does need that helping hand and that shoulder to keep going. I have been lucky enough to have my beautiful friends put their hands out and give me their shoulders. I realised over the weekend just how lucky I am. I have beautiful people in my life. Even the people that I have never met, and may never meet. I may feel completely alone sometimes, but I have been reminded that I am not. Thank you.

Today I wear my outfit. But tomorrow I may just take it off.


  1. you know... everyone needs a "day off" and "time".
    You are amazing... so amazing, and yes... sometimes taking that time to sit back and "just be" is what we all need.

    Its amazing the peace, the wonderment and inner feeling you get when you stop and watch the kids, and people. I too love it!!

    Enjoy today.....and then tomorrow.... anything is possible.

    warmly elizabeth xx

  2. Definitely take it off tomorrow. It needs a wash, it has tea stains all down the front. Seriously sister.



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