Thursday, July 8, 2010

day three

I really do not need to say any words to this image, I can already hear you giggling. Well that is what I hope you are all doing!

Enjoy your days... I am having coffee with a lovely girlfriend and her bub. Then getting into some paperwork, writing for another blog, (this is very exciting and I cannot wait to share, but I thought I would surprise you all on the day it goes live), and write some more for my other really personal blog. I have procrastinated the whole week really. Another friend of mine pointed out yesterday that sometimes we are just not meant to get things done. Maybe this week is about me. This might be time for me to refuel and completely suck in the air and breathe again.

just breathe


  1. This week is totally about you and keep it that way! Work smerk! It can wait! I love the image, that is just too cute beyond words! Enjoy your day xo

  2. Ooh! Another blog? Would love to read it. Looks like the photo shoots have been fun :)

  3. LOL, laughing out loud for sure.

    Gosh you are killing me with the Itch clothing! That shirt, OMG!



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