Friday, July 16, 2010

ear infection and super woman

Tonight I am sad. I am really sad. My poor boy is sick and it is hurting me too. It is time for the specialist. He is being seen really quick as they are a bit worried about him. He goes in on wednesday to get tests done. It is highly likely he is going to be getting grommets. My doctor looked at me today and told me it was time for modern medicine. It was time to make this boy well.

I have flash backs of my mum being sick, and I know this is different. But hearing his cries and the way he cries for me is the same way my mum cried in pain. I fear loss. I fear it everyday. My doctor knows this and I am sure this is why it is time to go the big step.

My doctor also put her hand out to me and told me it was time to stop trying to be super woman. It was time to give me some help. I am getting a volunteer nanna that will come to my home. Be someone for me and someone more for the little ones. She told me she thinks I will really like this. I think she is right. It is time for me to put my hand out, and have tea with someone.

I booked my holiday. I am going away with the little ones. We are off to melbourne, my favourite city. Cafe, coffee, cafe, coffee...... nothing else needed really! Maybe a little shopping.

Tonight I cry. I have cried a lot. It is good as I have held so much in, and tonight I am letting it all go so tomorrow I can be super woman again. Trust me I can do it as I have powers the doctor gave me today; herbs, liquid gold!

As I wrote this Taj was on my lap looking up at me and smiling.


  1. Hello lovely
    I'm so sad about your little man and his pain, it is the worst! I hope he soon gets relief and is well and smiling soon.
    It's ok to cry. The world doesn't come to an end and you are still superwoman. I wish I was there to pass you tissues and hold your hand.
    I'm glad you are going to get some help too, A volunteer nanna sounds like a win for everyone, the nanna as well, as they will be welcomed into your warm home and enjoy your special children and your sweet self xx so you are doing them something whilst they help you.
    Good for you, wonderful steps to be proud of.
    sooze xx

  2. It's never a good feeling when your children are sick. I hope Taj is better soon. It's amazing how good it feels to cry sometimes. It helps to release your emotions so that they don’t built up inside and explode.

  3. I feel your pain, seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it hurts like hell. My little boy just had his tonsils/adenoids removed (Wednesday) after many, many months of illness, homeopathy etc., It has made the world of difference already and if grommets are the way to go for Taj then they will change his life for the better. I think conventional and alternative medicine work hand in hand. So cry tonight, every mother is allowed that luxury (it is cleansing for the soul) and tomorrow will be a better day. Plus you're coming to Melbourne. BTW the design exhibition is on, if you have a free hour or two. Enjoy! Melita xx

  4. Wishing wellness for that sweet little boy. His face makes me smile. Tubes are really a God send for all the Mommies I know that have had to put them in their little ones ears. All have said it has been like a different child, that they do a complete 180.

    Wishing you a night filled with FLUFFY dreams, slept tight sweet Hayley as this to will soon pass.


  5. I really wish you lots of strenght and luck! Wish you that everything will be good soon and the little boy all himself...
    Have a wonderful time in Melbourne and do what makes you feel happy and good!
    Love from Amsterdam

  6. Poor little Taj but he has you which is all that matters. My boy was a bit younger when he started getting his ear infections and he would get so sick...fevers, vomiting. I was just so scared. He was just so little and it wasn't fair for him to be in such pain. Luckily we were referred to a specialist (in Dee Why) quite quickly and he ended up having the grommets. It made a huge difference and his speech, wow. He could hear properly again!My happy boy was back. He is now 5 and his speech is not perfect but speech therapy made a huge difference. We used to go to lovely lady in Manly acutally.
    A Nanna sounds lovely. She would have such wonderful stories to tell and the kids will adore having a new audience.
    Oh and your doctor sounds like she is totally tuned into your needs. Liquid herbs are amazing aren't they? They helped me fall pregnant with my baby girl. Im indebted to them forever!
    HAve fun in Melbourne x

  7. :( Sending you lots of good vibes that Mr Taj gets better soon.

  8. Hayley I have been thinking of you & thought I should mention that chiropractors can do so much for children with ear problems.....I have been seeing one for many years now & when you find a good one whose style you like it is a great way of keeping healthy etc....not sure if you have looked into this before? I know many children who were told needed grommets but after seeing a chiro & having some adjustments were all clear! Just wanted to share XO

  9. ahhh hayley, this is a post i read with a smile on my lips and in my heart! good GOOD news! Help, herbs and healing.

    have a great weekend.

    xx tali

  10. Dear Hayley...

    sorry to hear your boy Taj is sick again... been enjoying stepping into your world through your blog and see your amazing photos and stories that seems like honey to the soul. You write about life and life has it's up and downs, but that is the beauty of it of course.. I hope Taj is feeling better soon and that the grommets will help him take away the pain that is so bad (I was an ear child myself). Glad to hear there is help coming on all fronts.. OH and enjoy my home town Melbourne.. let me know if you want to know some nice little gems.. OH and if you like things like Tim Burton, don't miss the exhibition at ACMI center..pretty darn cool.

  11. My little one is the same age as Taj and if you remember, was no where near walking like Taj. Lachie has had 7 ear infections in 5 months and that is just this year alone! In his short little life he has had to have over 15 lots of antibiotics.
    2 Weeks ago he got his grommets put in, and it is the most unbelievable change.
    He is trying to walk everywhere (where as before he would fall with no balance) and he is gabbling to you ad trying to talk all the time.
    Sounds and looks more scary than what it actually is. But having burst eardrums can't be nice for them!

  12. It's ok to cry! Let it all out I say :)
    Your son is in my thoughts! As are you!
    We've had MANY health ups & downs & scares with our 2yr old girl and there is NOTHING worse!! I have blogged about it a few times, coz sometimes you just need to get it all OUT!
    Hang in there xo

  13. Hope Taj is feeling better soon and you get some rest :)

  14. Evvy got grommets a mth or so ago.. he was fine ! .. and is a different little man ...

    You are superwoman Hayley ... no matter what.. and crying makes you even more super!.. it shows your kids you are human... and that its Ok to be sad ....

    Love x

  15. I think crying is so therapeutic. Absolutely.

    Poor little man, ear infections are THE worst - it is sad. Especially when they're ongoing. Sounds like he's in very good hands with an awesome mama.



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