Thursday, July 15, 2010

the tired mum

I thought today I would be really honest and say I am tired. I am actually exhausted. I have no idea why I feel so rundown. I actually felt this last week too and tried to fight it by not doing much. I was very good at procrastinating the whole week last week and i didn't do any of the things I needed to get done.

I really do believe I am just overworked. I sit in front of this screen any chance I get. I work around Taj's day sleep, Keely being at school and as soon as they are in bed in the evening I am on here. I believe I need to have some time to even just sit and watch a bit of meaningless television. That is actually the reason I created my own "flick friday," as I needed to make a time I would actually sit and not work.

Don't get me wrong I love all of this. I love the blog, I love Little Pinwheel and I love all the other work I do on the side for myself and for others. It is what I do. I love to help other people. But when I yelled at my daughter last night, and my anxiety came bursting back I realised I need to really take some time for me. I need to find out why I am so tired, and why after months do I have anxiety. It came back last week, and I have not figured out the trigger yet.

Today I am being honest and saying last night I was a angry mum. I don't like angry mum. Now I am going to make sure there is time for me to sit and just be. Actually do the simple pleasure of putting my feet up, even if it is for 30 minutes. Take that time to ensure angry mum does not come back.


  1. We are all human sweets, and we all get frustrated and angry. Nobody is exempt and they are kidding themselves if they think otherwise! You are an awesome mum. Enjoy some time out today xo

  2. I would highly recommend Greenridge's "Multi-Vital" - a liquid herbal tonic that helps with everything including anxiety. It's liquid gold in a bottle.

    I know you have mentioned going to a yoga class in the past and perhaps an hour a week away from your surroundings (and the screen) would revitalize you - all of you.

    Otherwise 30 minutes in front of the tv sounds good too - you could even get a yoga dvd. x

  3. oh ! sweetie that is EXACTLY how I have felt this week..Im hearing you...that was like reading about me..I am also planning on watching a flick friday night to chill out. I have been snapping and growling all week and when Im like this Jack is the my friend says about her and her son 'Ive broke him' this week, so I need to do some relaxing so Jack and I can put our happy pants back on. xoxo

  4. oh, hello dear, i´m so totally understand what you the moment i feel sometimes the same and then i decide to make a break, just for me, and that is so important...even if it means that my blog have one or more posts hear to you and give you some "relaxing hugs" for your soul...its so important...send you good thoughts and much love...take care and until then a great and relaxing weekend...cheers and hugs...i...

  5. hi, i have 5 weeks old baby and i never ever realized how exhausting to be a mom...(and this is only the beginning for me...) i am so glad that i came across your post today. thank you so much for always sharing your thoughts...

  6. step away from the computer hayley. step away. hehe. i've got one word for you...



  7. eek. I know that woman! You need a kid free day my lovely.

    What a fab blog too! x

  8. You are a fabulous mother, business person, blogger and friend. All of this, can be exhausting at times. I hope you find your balance soon, it's tough, I'm only at the beginning of that road.

    Movies are good. I watched one last night for the first time in ages. It felt awesome.

    Take care lovely, see you at Pulp! x

  9. I often have anxiety attacks as well and the trigger for me is when I know I have too much to get done but know there is just no time to do it. I feel helpess and that time is running out and then comes the anxiety. Is there anyway you can have a few hours to yourself. Can you use Occasional Care for Taj for just a few small hours a week? I dont know how they work. There is one at Manly, next to Coles. You can't do everything and be everything to everyone. And don't make yourself feel too bad about getting angry. We've all been there. We've all snapped. We're only human. You're just being honest about it.
    You sound like such a great mum and friend and business woman..hope you get the 'me' time you deserve. x

  10. ageed with all of the above Hayley!

    It's not worth pushing yourself in all directions... you only end up taking it out of your loved ones and then feeling horrible is inevitable when we are stretched too thin without taking time to nuture ourselves - especially as mums, we ae giving of ourselves in such a deep way (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually).

    sound like you are definetly due for that me time (melbourne here you come!). I hope it all comes together for you.

    xx tali



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