Saturday, July 10, 2010

day five

I hope you have not all missed me too much. But how could you as I kind of stuck around. To be honest my week was very unproductive. I was meant to be doing a lot of work and getting on top of it, and I did none of it. I have been feeling a little unwell. My body has been telling me to stop for a little while. I even had it reject coffee for days in a row. Trust me I tried so hard to drink it, but the caffeine has been too intense. It is hard when the head says yes and the body says no. I am thinking that caffeine and I are not meant to be friends right now. So for now I go back on decaf, which I drank for 6 years straight. What is another few days, or months, or years?

There has been so much happening for me personally and I am happy to say I have started two more blogs, one that is attached to this one in my profile and the other is out there, you just have to find me! Little Penpals is a very beautiful blog started from a lovely blog friend approaching me with a "crazy" idea. This idea was not so crazy as she explained how she would love her daughter and Keely to be penpals. Avery is 4 too, and she lives in America. I thought, why not, this is beautiful. Something I also had as a child. The crazy bit was to start a blog about their friendship and their letters. Pop on over to Little Penpals, and watch a friendship that is being built on letters and pictures. A blog that will one day become theirs. Not so crazy.

I am also writing for a wonderful, very well known children's blog. I cannot wait to do my first piece. Something I was meant to write this week, but I am thinking it will be last minute! Like I said I am really good at procrastinating, or maybe it is more about looking after me for a week. I will let you know where I am when the post goes live!

I have one day left. I wonder if I will get anything done? I think I already know the answer!

See you next week!


  1. Not crazy at all, that is a BEAUTIFUL idea! I can't wait to see their little frienship sweet xx

  2. Isn't procrastinating fun? You can do all sorts of things, online shop, 80's disco dance...

    I love the idea of your new blog. Look forward to seeing it all unfold. xx

    PS. Very cute pic of Taj with his fingers up the nose! Do you think he is collecting them for his girlfriend?



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