Wednesday, July 28, 2010

spin that pottylittlepinwheel

I have always wanted to do a random post. This is a random post and I am loving it. I am a gambler.... come join me at the pottylittlepinwheel of fortune. Honestly you have to come and play. You like chocolate don't you? Come on, who doesn't.... we are building a chocolate casino.


  1. ...what?! This is NOT a random post. This is a dedicated post. Gambling on chocolate bars is the choice of a new generation. Sadly I lost today. Now what?

  2. I'm in. No luck though. Might have to play again ... I heart cheery ripes. And they have fruit. So they're healthy ..... :)

  3. pottymouthmama.... you are a gambler, aren't you? Then spin that wheel lovely and keep playing. Playa!

  4. ok, I told you I was in... well i commented on the pottylittlepinwheel post, but alas... no cheer[yripe] for me :(
    does that mean I get to try again?
    at what point do I need to 'walk away' I could ever walk away from my chocolate addiction haha!
    weekend's a coming, I'll let you know if i have any better luck!

  5. I've accepted the mission. Got my stash today - jackpot on the first run Yayyyy!!

  6. Had to spread the joy - just scored my second freebie which gives me 2 out 2 Cherry Ripes! So want to demolish the other three but shall hold off and report back if the winning continues! A - mazing!



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