Thursday, July 29, 2010

belart prints

Last week I received the beautiful prints I ordered for Keely and Taj's room. I was going to share them once I had them framed and on the wall, but I remember how long it took me to even show you their room, so thought I should let you see why I had to have them.

I found Ishtar from Belart through Holly at Decor8. I read Holly's blog all the time and I fall in love with a lot of things she posts about. But of course we cannot have everything. But these I had to have! Not only are they lovely for a children's space, but they are perfect for any space. I actually bought the black print for myself. I knew when I bought it I would be having it in my own space!

Our home is almost complete. There are a few little touches to be added, but for now this is our space. Our home. A home that has fresh flowers every week.


  1. very cute. I love illustrations.

  2. How beautiful!! they are stunning - enjoy!! :)

  3. they are very pretty, and will look stunning in their room :)

  4. congratulations...wonderful choice...ishtar´s work is so lovley and her prints and i´m sure they fit perfect in your sweet home...hopefully everything is allright, dear friend...send you much love and hugs...and wish you a wonderful weekend...cheers...i...

  5. Dear Haley,
    THANK YOU so much for your lovely words on my prints!!! It will be very exciting to see them framed! I´m so happy you liked them!!!!! : D

  6. I can see why you had to have them!!

    And might i just add, i think its wonderful that you have fresh flowers!



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