Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pucker up

I love how little people come out with a whole conversation that you really did not think you would be having for a few years yet. Keely blurted out to me that she kissed a boy at her preschool. Oh yes, the first kiss. Don't you remember that first kiss? I remember mine. But I was not that young. Although, maybe I was, and I do not remember.

I love how through this whole conversation Keely kept giggling. I asked her if she liked him. She continued to giggle, answer me with a yes, and then tell me her first kiss was on his arm! I love the innocence of little people. Something I would like her to have for a very long time.

First kiss stories?


  1. Too cute and I absolutely love the image of her puckering! I was older when I had my first kiss...13 or 14. I'm afraid mine is not as cute as Keely's story. ;)

  2. So adorable! Bless her. I want to be that innocent again!

  3. How gorgeous is that!! He is one lucky little man to get a kiss from your very sweet little lady.

  4. SO sweet! She is so ridiculously cute!

    My own first kiss REALLY makes me cringe. I was a late bloomer. My first kiss wasn't 'til I was 16. I endured a Jim Carrey double feature with a guy nicknamed 'Bum' sticking his tongue down my throat.

    It makes me gag just thinking about it. Thanks for that happy memory.



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