Monday, July 12, 2010

craft monday :: ed emberley way

This craft monday is special, as it is one of the first drawings Keely will do for her new penpal in america, Avery. We have the whole month to get some things together to send Avery. At the beginning of each month we send off a package to Avery and she sends one to Keely. Such a beautiful thing to do!

This week Keely received quite a few books from me written by Ed Emberley. I must say this recommendation was fantastic. I am very impressed with these books and I know they will not only get used by both the children, but me too! I cannot wait to sit down and draw some animals like Keely has done for Avery.

There are finger print books, which you learn how to draw animals and people through finger prints. You can use anything from paints, ink and food dyes. There is a book of faces, animals and people, a book full of great things to build a whole world and many more.

Ed Emberley teaches you how to draw using shapes and lines. The same way I was taught how to draw people when I studied art. I had to see the parts of the human body in lines and shapes. It is interesting when you train your brain to think this way you can actually draw quite well. Oh how I would love to draw and paint again!

You can purchase the Ed Emberley books via the book depository, who deliver world wide. They are very reasonably priced and arrive in good time.

Good presents!


  1. Well done, Keely! Your rooster looks awesome. I'm sure your new pen pal will be very impressed.

  2. I so need these for my son. He keeps asking me to help him draw things that go way beyond anything Im actually capable of. I can do stick men but that's about it!
    Ps I think i may have stumbled upon your new blog. What a great outlet for your thoughts and feelings. So inspiring. So raw. So honest.

  3. Those books look amazing and I'd love to teach myself to draw using them at the same time as my young Master. Thanks for sharing them. Keely looks like she's have a marvellous time.

  4. They look awesome! I've just discovered book depository. It may just be my new vice (along with your store... of course!)

    OK. I've run late. MUST go to bed... NOW! xx

    PS. How talented is Keely? Her drawings are great. You should frame them and put them up!

  5. She really has a talent. Huge XOXO.

    Do you think I am silly because I can not wait for the first to get another package in the mail to her from Avery?!

  6. amy, not at all! I am so excited too.... not sure who is more excited Keely or me! It will be a great package next month I am sure with lots of wonderful pictures and letters. xx

  7. You've just reminded me I had this book as a kid! No idea where it is now, but a copy is on its way from the Book Depository



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