Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ear infection :: grommets

Late today I went to the specialist with Taj. It was a really good outcome, because now I know what is wrong with him, and how I can fix it for him. He has what they call glue ear. Which is where the fluid gets trapped in his ears, and cannot drain. Both of his ears are the same, and are as bad as each other. With his repeated ear infections, and how bad his ears are it is time for modern medicine.

I also see my doctor tomorrow morning, which will help me with understanding the need for Amoxycillin up until his operation in september. I just get concerned having such a small child on antibiotics for a long period of time. A bit of a concerned mother moment!

The specialist said he was surprised at Taj's personality and said he was a really cool kid for someone that would not be able to hear properly. He said children with ears as bad as Taj's have behavioral problems due to the deafness, the balance, and the understanding issues. Being the funny person I am, I asked him if it meant Taj could turn out to be not so cool after he had the grommets inserted. I then continued to say that if this was the case I would get him to take them out. He eased my concern, my funny concern, and told me he would be even cooler then he already is. I said, "rock on!" {Told you I was funny.... well I like to think I am}. I also feel I try to make light of a situation that is a little scary for me.

I cannot wait to have the coolest kid on the block! One that is not in pain, completely the person he chooses to be, and a child that may just sleep through the night. Oh how I will not know myself if that happens! This is all positive. A positive moment in my life; in our life.


  1. That's great news - its always such a relief to get answers - my little man Tae had grommets inserted just a couple of months back :) All easy going, except that we have to wear ear plugs with every bath - as not allowed to get soapy water in them - but apparently fine to swim in the pool/beach without them ? go figure. All the best for your little man :)

  2. That is great that you have answers, Hayley. My little guy was in for an operation (different procedure) a few weeks ago and I saw a couple of little bubbas in for grommets. They seem to be up and about very quickly, and I have only heard positive things about after the grommets have been inserted. Taj will be way cool;)

  3. What a relief Hayley, having a solution and a light at the end of the tunnel must feel so much better.Hugs for you all x

  4. ok I have a confession. Tiana had so many ear infections as a baby... but also so many other issues of prematurity.
    anyway... the year she started school, the school nurse asked how long Tiana had a hearing loss issue? (WHAT???)

    here I am a trained nurse!! I went home and tested her, and realised she has compensated so well all her short life! I went to an ausiologist and she had 50% (YES 50%!!!!) hearing loss.

    now, after grommets and adenoids removed... wow.... what a difference! now... a little shy girl, is really coming out of her shell. But IF i had of known.... she may not have been so shy!!!
    she obviously culdnt hear well and I always popped it down to shyness, Like I am!

    welll... now missy is so BRIGHT at school and so NOISY!!!! lol

    we absolutely LOVE IT!!

    thinking of you

    elizabeth xx

  5. yay! it must be such a relief to find out what the problem is after all those ear infections. my boy had glue ear as well and after he had the grommets inserted you noticed the difference in his speaking straight away. oh and no more ear infections...woohoo! the hardest part is keeping their little ears dry. we had one slip up which resulted in some antibiotics but that was it.
    the fact that he is such a cool little thing despite the ear troubles is a testament to you. you're an amazing mum! x

  6. I am in STITCHES! Not at Taj's ears. At YOU! You are SO FUNNY!

    I can't even imagine how super cool he will be when his ears aren't sick anymore. He is already so cool now. What a sweet little boy. He is just... awesome. xx

  7. I think you're funny too! Funny ha ha, not funny strange. Glad to hear that you and Taj have an answer :)

  8. Did you know you are hilarious? ha ha ha - Im glad you are getting to the bottom of this one sweets. I had an ear infection 2 weeks ago and the pain was excruciating. What a sweet little boy Taj is to be who he is, he is truly a blessing and he is lucky to have such a funny mummy! x



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