Friday, July 16, 2010

run forest run....

Yes, I am back. No more shin splints, rib all clear to go. So off I went for a last minute run. It was actually what I really needed. Trust me yesterday I was such a grumpy person to be around. I don't get grumpy much and I was grumpy. I was tired, feeling a bit scared, and a little unbalanced. I also have fears of another ear infection for Taj. We are off to the doctor this morning for what I hope will be an all clear.

I thought the run would be great. It would clear my head and I would feel amazing after it. I couldn't be too unfit, it was only about 2 months, or maybe a little more since I last put my feet on the sand for my forest gump moment. This time though I had my shoes on. There is no way I am risking more shin splints. (Oh and to be honest, wow shoes! Why run with no shoes, what was I thinking. You get an instant bounce in your step). I need to run! The run itself was fabulous. But I went hard. Really hard. Like I said, I was grumpy, so I was taking it out on myself and trying to get rid of everything in one huff and puff. The fitness was not an issue, my legs could run forever. Remember I am your everyday forest gump! It was the asthma. It came back and really bad. I thought I was scared before my run, but wow was I scared while I was on it. The tightness was intense. But I had to tell myself it was fine, and not hyperventilate at the same time. With no asthma puffer that would be a very big issue. I worked myself through it and once I was fine I took my time. I didn't try to push all of what I was going through out in one huff and puff. I had the whole rest of the beach to run back, there was still time to get rid of all of the grumpy me.

Once I was back on the other side, I did feel pretty sore. The chest was really hurting. I made it home and the puffer helped me get back to a normal, non wheezing breath. The grumpy me was gone. The run worked. I was back. The everyday forest gump will be running her anxiety away, along with some help from the doctor today!

The best part about the end of yesterday was the fact Keely ate soya beans. Oh yes, that is a green vegetable, not pureed and hidden. It was popped from the shell and eaten by her. She ate several! Grumpy mum turned into very proud and happy mum. Flick friday for me today! I am watching Remember Me, which I was recommended and I have also been told to have a box of tissues ready. I am not sure if I want to cry, but maybe that is also good for me. I hold a lot in, and a good cry with some chocolate is what this girl needs right now.

Today I am going to do something crazy, something last minute. I am going away with my little people. Not really a holiday to some I am sure. But they are my life, and we are going to have the best time! I am booking the mystery hotel. The identity is kept a secret until you have booked. This is fun. This is what I need right now.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. So glad you are feeling better! So glad you ran, so glad about it all! Most of all so glad you are coming to Melbourne! x



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