Tuesday, January 12, 2010

surfy girl

Your little people eventually come to an age where their fathers really get to start having more of a roll in their lives, more of an impact. It is now at that stage for Keely as she becomes more interested in doing things that dad's are best at helping with, like their first surfing lesson. This is such a beautiful time for the dads!

As most of you would know from reading the blog Keely got her first surfboard for christmas. Simon is a surfer and has been since he has been a grommet (don't you love the surfy language), and it has been his dream to teach his children how to surf.

Keely has taken her surfboard down the beach 3 times and on the 4th time she actually progressed from the standing on her board just on the sand to venturing into the water with her dad. It was so nice to watch and to be there to capture the moment her dad helped her stand on her board. I know from this it will not be long and she will be enjoying being pushed onto waves and soon to be standing up on her own and truly surfing.

It also won't be long and Keely will be dropping in on her dad in the surf too! (more surfy language)..... this is when one takes another surfers wave when they are already on the wave. There is surfing etiquette and one has to stick to it to become part of the local surfing community. Amazing how there are surfing politics! Although Simon told me that his daughter can drop in on him anytime!


  1. GORG swimmers miss Keely ! surfing in style ;-)

  2. If you want to adopt a 36yr old son who has a wife, 2 cats, a dog and is expecting a kid please let me know. I would love to be in an area close to the ocean so I could surf.

    I hope I have the same experience except mine will be on the snow.

  3. looooove these photos. Wish I was close enough to 'pop' down to the surf every hot day! Need it sooo much these last few days. Bermagui was good but not nearly as hot as Canberra

  4. Gorgeous photos - your little girl looks so grown up, standing on her surfboard!

  5. Lovely post and great photos, what a nice place to grow up :)



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