Thursday, January 7, 2010

fluffy pettiskirts have arrived....

Today we received the much awaited pettiskirts and I have one word.... WOW! I really didn't think I could get that amazed with a skirt, but this is not just any skirt this is the skirt that really does twirl and it is so beautiful to watch the layers of lovely bounce up and down as they twist around on your little girl.

Keely was lucky enough to try on her birthday outfit today and she was very happy to show it off for the camera. The way her face lit up when I pulled her skirt out of the bag was priceless and then to watch her twist and twirl her skirt around in front of the mirror was beautiful. I know she will be the prettiest fairy at her 4th fairy party.

You can now get your little girl one of these divine skirts from Little Pinwheel and special size orders are available if we have sold out of the size you need.



  1. Truly gorgeous! Keely looks so darn cute! Just one question though, can I have one in my size please? :)

  2. lol! yes they do adult sizes too!! I would love one too... I actually think you could create a fun look.. : )

  3. So Adorable!! I need one for Kenzie right now! Keely looks so gorgeous! How cute.

  4. They are so beautiful! Love the shots!! I agree I would like one for me too :)

  5. how adorable, love the poses ♥
    and that colour skirt is gorgeous.

  6. Oh my goodness, these are soooooo very cute! I might have to buy one of these for my Grand daughter.



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