Wednesday, January 13, 2010

emma kidd & her monster's behaving badly

There is something about a person who is creative and very clever at being a creative person. I am not sure if that really makes sense, but being somewhat a right side thinker I am trying to get creative with my choice of words! I think it is best I introduce this very clever, creative friend of mine......

Her name is Emma Kidd and she is an Australian artist, living her creative life with production of many inspiring works. She has recently completed a children's monster colouring in book and I was the lucky person to see the first draft before it went to print. I have one word, "amazing!" This book is like no other, it feels like you are looking at an original artwork not a printed copy.

My daughter was lucky to receive one of Emma's books, Monster's Behaving Badly, for Christmas and she just loves it. I thought it would be a book more suited to the boys as it is a book full of fun loving monsters, but like boys, girls talk about monsters too. Trust me, I know as Keely currently has a monster living under her bed! But don't worry the bean bag lays down the side of her bed so he cannot get out. He does not have a name yet, but I am sure she will draw him for me in her colouring book as there is a space where you can draw your own monsters! You can buy Monster's Behaving Badly at Little Pinwheel for $15.

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