Thursday, January 21, 2010

nellystella is coming!

Nellystella is a beautiful and very feminine label to come from the creative Nelly Chen. I was introduced to the label back in August and I fell in love instantly. I can see my daughter wearing every piece I have ordered and I especially cannot wait to receive the playsuit, which has become the talk of the press world.....I could not help myself and I have ordered three out of the four prints in this style.

I know we are at opposite ends of our seasons, but I felt the Little Pinwheel customer would see the potential of each style being versatile enough to run into our winter. I can already picture the playsuit layered with tights, long sleeve tee and a cardi. I know I will not be able to take Keely's off her!

Nellystella is arriving in store in 3 short weeks and you can pre-order now from little pinwheel!


  1. oh, hey, hayley, i´m ines from germany...also a student from BYW-course...jump to you and see you blog...very lovley...oh and i love the kids fashion from this lady above...amazing...thanks for sharing...will be follow you...;)...

    see you in class

    cheers ines (frauheuberg)

  2. how fantastic! really starting to like the red and blue stripes! xx

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have here, Hayley! I only wish my little ones were still little enough to be dressed up so pretty! I lost the privilege of choosing their clothes long ago.... (even though they're now just 7 and 9!!)



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