Monday, January 25, 2010

our craft weekend

It is no secret that I love craft!....We do some form of craft everyday and it is mostly the rainy days that bring out our craft box and paints. Although this weekend we did some craft to stay cool, with the temperature reaching 39 degrees, it was too hot to have some outside play while Taj was having his morning sleep.

I have no idea where my idea came from to make a fairy using different mediums, maybe it was from the whole fairy theme from Keely's birthday party; or maybe I was just seeing fairies! I also wanted it to be a craft session that she was really involved in.

We went downstairs to choose a leaf we thought would be great to make the fairies wings. Keely found a fern and with in moments we had the most important part of our fairy. Keely suggested we used a stick for her wand and she found one in the garden.

Once upstairs, out came the craft box, paints, sparkle paper and the camera! We put together all the items we were going to use to make Keely's fairy. Within minutes Keely had stamped her fairies face with her round sponge paint stamp. It was the beginning of her craft fairy!

She painted a sparkle dress with purple metallic paint and then Keely had painted the fairies precious wings and slowly pressed them onto her fairy body. We used scrap paper to cut out legs and arms, stars to decorate her dress and silver pipe cleaner for her hair. We then wrapped some ribbon around the stick to make her wand and waited for her to dry before finishing her.

Once our fairy was dry we added eyes and drew a nose and mouth, stuck her stick wand down with a butterfly end and put some shoes on her. The shoes were small foam butterflies cut in half to make them look like "glass slippers." (This is what Keely calls high heals, thanks to cinderella)! We made her a flower handbag, a shiny crown, and Keely stuck her on the fridge.

Fairy Diamond Crystal lives with us now and keeps all our food safe in our fridge!


  1. What a beautiful fairy. Well done Keely you are definitely very artistic!

  2. oh thats so precious ! well done Keely, loving the wings ...very clever to use a fern.

  3. I wish Fairy Diamond Crystal lived at my house!! She is very very cute

  4. What a fun project! Such a beautiful fairy!

  5. Very cute!! I think you should frame it and put it in her room.



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