Friday, January 29, 2010

loving this!

After having Taj's first birthday and having a monster theme, I have fallen in love with monsters. I was having a look on bubba bling and found this monster theme bedroom. How much fun is the makes the room; looks a little spikey, but I am sure it would be harmless!

I need to love monsters right now as Keely is afraid of them. Each night she now gets as many cushions, clothes and now books and places them all around her on her bed. This is only a new thing and you could imagine my surprise when I found her buried in pillows, blankets and clothes for the first time. Last night was the first night with the piles of books.

When I was looking for monster themes for Taj I stumbled on these bracelets. They are just beautiful! You not only get the bracelet, but you get the cute little crocheted lamb too! A nice gift for your little one.

I have been totally lost in all the lovely decor and items for my children on bubba bling, there is something for everyone. I cannot wait to make up their room once we have put them in together and built their bunks. I am also looking forward to sharing their bunk idea we have. We have been inspired a lot from different magazines and online finds. All I can tell you for now is that their bunks will be made from plywood. I am hoping this is a project we will be doing the second half of this year!


  1. i love these little charms! my niece may have to have one!

  2. I love these too ..... Reminds me of my blue bird necklace when I was little!



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