Monday, January 18, 2010

the birthday girl & oliver's creepy crawlies

As you would all know by my sort of silent saturday images my girl turned 4 on saturday! We had such a lovely day with breakfast down at our favourite cafe in the morning followed by a creepy crawly party for one of Keely's best friends.

We ventured out of the house quite early to have Keely's birthday breakfast before dad had to go to work for a half day. Keely took all of her new lip gloss, followed with her new french doll, Liliana. (Keely loves the name Lily and every doll of hers is called Lily, so we thought of a new name besides Lily and she loves it)!

I must say her fascination with makeup is something I was not expecting for a long time, especially as I wear none myself. So for her birthday we got her my form of makeup, lots of lovely smelling lip glosses.

After we had Keely's little birthday cake, a ricotta cannoli (yum), we had a toddle over at the beach with Taj's friend, Noah.

Taj went home for his morning sleep and we got organised for Oliver's birthday party, a creep crawly pool party! My girlfriend, Trudie hosts the best friends are all very talented in this area! After Oliver told his mum he wanted a spider cake, Trudie came up with the theme of a creepy crawly party and having a pool, it was mixed with a pool party too...just perfect as it was such a hot morning!

To go with the theme, there were real creepy crawlies at the party, stick insects, frogs, lizards, a snake (aarrr) and thankfully a dead spider preserved in a jar; although I still kept my distance, hence no photo taken! The children had a fabulous time and it was so informative with a run down on each animal and questions answered. Most of the animals you could have a touch of and this was a hit with the kids and with the bigger kids (that being the adults). We were lucky enough to see the snake do a poo, although I didn't go and have a look, it would be fabulous fertilizer for Trudie's garden.

The cake was amazing... a big spider, although I did manage to take a deep breath and capture some images of this spider.

I really am enjoying the parties as the children get older, their enjoyment is a beautiful thing to watch and the themed parties are great with the little people. I enjoy seeing what other mums do with the themes their children have chosen and to see how it all comes together. A perfect party for Oliver and a beautiful way for Keely to spend her day!

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  1. oh my goodness!! there is no way in hell i would've held any of the animals, hehe! look how close taj is to that snake!! did it phase him at all?!
    awesome piccies hayley xx



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