Thursday, January 28, 2010

artist taj

Yesterday I was out buying my new lovely notebook for something I am doing at the moment and I had my little side kick with me. Of course I was at my favourite shop, Pulp to make this purchase!

In the shop they have an area especially for your little people. They can hang out, play with the toys and draw while we go off and spend all of our money on lovely stationery! As Taj is a little too young to leave on his own I had to make my purchases before we could venture over into his little area. (I will share my purchase in another post, as I am sure you have had enough marathon reads).

With no encouragement, Taj toddled over and instantly grabbed a piece of paper, the bowl of crayons and started drawing. He would place the crayon back in the bowl when he was finished and pull out the next colour. It was something I really enjoyed watching and an image I had to capture. Out came my iphone (I know, sorry, but no special SLR on me), and I snapped away!

They also have a lion chalk decal on the wall and I handed him the only piece of chalk and he started to colour the lion's foot in. It was not all perfect, he did manage to grab a crayon and draw on the floor, and attempt to put some crayon on the wall, but I was too quick for him! Lucky they have a concrete surface, and the crayon wiped straight off.

The delight on his face, the utter concentration and the fun he had was priceless. I am glad I captured this moment, his moment of using his right side of his brain. Looks like we have a whole family of creative heads!

Taj has had his first fridge moment and proudly his first ever drawing goes up next Keely's Fairy Diamond Crystal!


  1. A lovely post Hayley, what a clever little man!

  2. cute and clever. taj just keeps getting better and better! love this post xx

  3. Just gorgeous! love reading about all the adventures you go on xx

  4. i love to draw with our little´s always so amazing to look what she draws on her own...and funny, too...i have collected all her paintings...;)...

  5. Loves! These moments are what make my heart sing, Buggies drawings just started resembling things, it is amazing!



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