Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the search

I know a number of you are interested in knowing what is happening with the search for my biological father and what has happened with my biological mum since we made contact. I thought now is good time to share with you where I am with all of this, before it becomes a huge post! For now I will share some of what has been happening, I am not ready to tell all yet.

I received the medical history of both birth parents, along with a run down on the day I was given up for adoption. It is nice to have some questions now answered. I will give you a run down on the important things, well the parts I find interesting for me and with me now having children of my own.

  • I am quarter german (growing up I had so many people ask what nationality I was)
  • both birth parents under 6ft (explains why I am not so tall)!
  • bronchial asthma (only really had sickness and sport induced asthma, but explains where it comes from)
  • birth mother's father has blue eyes as do both her siblings (she has a brother and a sister)
  • birth father's sister has blue eyes (he has two sisters)
  • I weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces
  • I was 52cm (wow, that is long for a shorty)
  • I was "offered" to my mum on 6th July 1977 and she was delighted! (go mum)!
  • birth father interests include surfing
  • birth mother interests include art and home economics
From this background listed, I now know why I have some german and austrian friends.... ok so maybe not; I cannot speak german or even look slightly german, although I am not sure what makes you look german, and that is all I can come up with! I am short... not that short, but at least now I have an excuse. I was a little baby, explains why I have had two 6 pound babies. The blue eyes popping up quite a bit now explains why we have a very blue eyed boy. I never knew it was from my side and now I can take the credit for his lovely eyes! I must say though, with my mum having blue eyes I do like to still say they are from her!

I love the part about the "offering" in my package of information; got to love the fact my mum fell instantly in love with me. I wish she was here today so I could use that as leverage if we were ever having one of our fun payout sessions. Birth father being interested in surfing shows why I am naturally a beach bum and probably tells me I should get back on my board. My birth mum being interested in art shows where I got my creative thinking and somewhat talent from..... now the home economics is a different story as I am not the cook of the house that is for sure. I must take after my birth father on this one.... when I meet him I will have to ask him if he is the cook of his house.

A few more things have been happening and I will share those with you soon. For now the search continues for my birth father and I am feeling quite positive about this. I have found with all of the emotions and feelings you have through this process it is best to stay positive, even when it is not going so great.


  1. So much insight you've been able to find out. I hope all of this is tugging on your heart strings in all the right ways. xox

  2. It is wonderful that you are comfortable sharing this part of your life as it continues to unfold. I really enjoy reading your posts and love the photos of your children - they are just gorgeous. The photo of Taj in this post is fabulous! What a cutie!

  3. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with your readers and I wish you all the best as you further your investigations.

  4. thank you lovelies! It is pulling on some heart strings...couldn't have worded it better myself! I think it is good for me to share this journey, it makes up a lot of my life..... I cannot wait to share more, but need to find the right words!

  5. you have found out so much already and i am so excited for you to be a few more steps forward in your search! and definately think you should get back on your board! i hear surfers paradise is indeed that... =) xx

  6. Wow congrats on finding out so much already, that must have been really hard. I look forward to hearing what else evolves from the search.



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