Friday, January 22, 2010

styling network & my space

From the day I first started this blog and from the day I started little pinwheel, I never knew you could make such lovely friends from the written word, from images and from great customer service. I have been lucky enough to network in the right places to make wonderful friends and also connect with other mums buying online from me. It was my dream to make the blog the face behind little pinwheel, to show people that I am just like every other mum. I too have the hard times with my children and there are moments of chaos; this is an every day occurrence for me, there is never a day without some sort of chaos, mixed with a lot of lovely moments too!

I love borrowing my husband's camera and today I took some images of my space with some new additions. It was a good excuse to get behind the lens and to have some fun with some styling.

This week my husband has had two shoots for Home Beautiful magazine and I have had the pleasure of going through the images. Both stylists he worked with are amazing, they give the room the wow factor and they achieve this by adding a couple of extra items to style the space. I cannot wait to share these images but it will have to be after the homes go to print. It will be worth the wait. So for now you can have a look at my attempt of styling and showing off my space with the new items, some of which are from my lovely new network friends.

I have to tell you about the little doll in the vase with my fun fabric flowers... she was chosen by my daughter, Keely. She is actually a brooch and was bought from my favourite paper shop, Pulp Creative Paper, along with 4 for Keely and 2 others for me to give away. She has now become my little side kick, my friendly voodoh doll.... not sure if they can be friendly, but mine is! I also bought the fabric flowers so I could always have a splash of colour and I love my sparkly dragonfly and my butterflies.... it makes my space feel a bit more me. Add some of this......

... and I am right at home! (kind of cheesy I know, but it was fun getting these shots)!


  1. Just want to wish you a nice weekend. I love your blog/shop and the layout is so nice..!

    Best regards from Norway.


  2. The photos look great Hayley.
    I love reading your blogs too.

    Love Tash xo

  3. Hayley, thanks for following my blog. I'm glad you did, because I'm getting to discover yours. Your photos are beautiful and so emotionally evocative. I'm going to enjoy getting to know you and be inspired by your photography!



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