Sunday, January 3, 2010

the sale continues.....

Fill up your shopping bags, the HUGE sale continues at

I love doing images for the front page of the website and I thought I would show you what I started out with to get the completed image you see above. I used to work for channel 9 doing their news graphics with the early morning news and as you could imagine you really had a time limit to complete your graphics, some you had to do within minutes. Deep etching is something I can do quite easily now and I am a lot faster at it due to my new found time management skills I learnt working for the would sometimes be put in the box seconds before it would be shown on air.

I started out with this image of Keely, she is wearing her wing top from Heavenly Creatures and to be honest I was getting her to do shots like she was flying, showing her wings on her back. It was going to be a shot with some kind of a saying to do with flying in to the sale. When it came to doing the image on the front page I saw this one amongst all the shots and thought it would look fabulous with bags of shopping hanging off her arms....seriously what girl comes away from a sale without looking like a human tree of shopping bags?

The finished image....a girl who has done some serious shopping!


  1. oh! i love sale, thanks for the information hope i'm not too late.

  2. She is so adorable, so cute, and lovely I like the editing of these photos.



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