Friday, January 15, 2010

sneak peek at THREE LITTLE TREES winter

I love Three Little Trees, how can you not love a brand that every season brings out the wow factor? This winter is all about what the little people want; "sweet and delicious, quirky and oh so much fun, Three Little Trees dishes up the cool factor with an eclectic range of gorgeous winter must haves."

I am loving the fact the boys tracksuit is back again for another winter; it was one of the top sellers and I know it will be up there again this year.

The girls range is sweet as it always is, with every piece a must have, although unable to buy the whole range, I bought what I thought every little girl will love to wear to keep them "cool" this winter.

Watch out for Three Little Trees, the range is arriving in store end March, beginning April....just in time for the cooler weather!


  1. Such a gorgeous blog you have here! Oh and thanks for sharing that wonderful adorable brand! So happy to meet you at BYW e-course. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. Hello
    love your blog
    just a silly little question i must ask.... how do you make your little photo collages as you have done in this post?

  3. Hi, I use photoshop to put all of my photos together to use for my blog.

    Hope this helps, and it is not a silly question!

    thanks, Hayley



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