Friday, January 29, 2010

chalk n cheese winter

Much to my surprise I received an email late this afternoon saying my winter order for Chalk n Cheese is ready to be shipped next week. I have not had a chance to show you a sneak peek, so instead I will show you what is available in store now for you to pre order.

I adore this label, both my children have some pieces from the summer range and I have ordered them lovely items from the new winter range. I cannot wait to get the floral frill dress, (the top image), as this dress is very light and delicate, which means Keely can start wearing it now!


  1. Loving this! Do you sell the amazing hats those girls are wearing too?? The winter range looks great!

  2. Hi Rachelle,
    they are vintage hats and were used by the stylist who did the shoot, so unable to get any for you. : (



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