Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the fairy party!

I know a little late to be showing you Keely's fairy party, but trust me it is worth the wait! This post will be image overload, I did try to minimise the images and only have a few, but what can I say I am a proud mum!

Keely always wanted a fairy party and would continually pull out the Women's Weekly children's birthday cake book. She was not shy to tell me for almost a year now that she has wanted the barbie fairy cake. So this year I knew I had to make this cake for her and we picked a fairy theme to match the cake. I had so much fun going to spotlight to find all of the fabric, party supplies and all the trimmings to decorate the cake. It took a few nights of cutting and gluing to get her dress and wings right. I made her top out of felt and stuck the diamonte number 4 onto the top to make it look a bit more special. When I made the cake I also made a small cake to hold the candles as I am not sure how our fairy was going to handle 4 candles while holding her wand.

The party was fabulous, if I can say that as the host. It was the first party that I had ever hired help. This was not just any help, our fairy lives in the same apartment block as us and Keely just adores her, so we had to have her come and be Keely's fairy for the morning.

Fairy Skye was all dressed up in one of her most special fairy outfits and she had matching wings for Keely to wear. Although Keely gave her wings to one of her friends as she had forgotten hers and Keely was wearing her wing top, which has wings on it already! Plus I must mention her lovely pettiskirt.... divine!

The children were mesmerized! I have never seen someone able to keep a group of children interested for over an hour. They did craft together, made a dream catcher to hang from one of the trees, she ran with them to show them how to fly; (very cute), they threw fairy dust and chanted that they believed in fairies and they went hunting for fairies.

Fairy Skye sprayed all of their hair to make it a fun colour, added crystals to their faces and made each and everyone of them feel like they were fairies and also made them feel like it was their birthdays.

Each child was given a gift of magic crystals, fairy dust and either a lovely necklace or a badge for the boys. The crystals were for the children to keep under their pillows to keep them safe from monsters and to also allow them to go to sleep on their own. I am not sure how Fairy Skye knew this was an issue for most of the children there, but she knew exactly what to say..... magic!

They were all given a special fairy name and it was so much fun to hear all of the names she had given her little fairies. Keely was Fairy Diamond Crystal, then there was Fairy Lavender, Fairy Pinkle Winkle (this is the one that all parents were giggling at), Fairy Bluebell, Fairy Floss, Buzzy Bee Xavier, Batman, Pirate Ollie, Surfy Kian and Buzzy Bee.

For me this is the best party I have been too, strange saying this as it was my child's party, but it honestly was. The children were so happy, everyone of them got involved and to see that is beautiful. I was relaxed as a host, I got to take lots of images, talk to other parents and watch the children create fairy magic.

Mostly Keely was the happiest I had seen her and she was so proud to be a fairy for the day.


  1. what a fantastic post hayley! you have really captured the magicalness of keely's party and now have wonderful memories of it! love the cake, especially barbies dress =) xx

  2. making each kid feel special and excited to believe in fairies sounds like the best kind of fairy party to have. although the dismembered barbie had me a little concerned till i scrolled down a bit further!

  3. I suddenly wish my daughter had her birthday in Summer instead for Fall. It looks like the best birthday party ever!

  4. Wow what an awesome deoightful day for all. My girls also had a fairy cake when they were little.

  5. what a lovely post! (i'm alex, from Holly's class....)
    your children are so sweet too. i recently started a kid's style blog (different from strawberry lemonade, which is my personal blog). It's called Modern Kiddo....we do a feature for The Weekly Kiddo and I'd love to feature Keely some day if you wouldn't mind! (and we could feature your shop as well, of course).

    I would have LOVED a fairy party when I was little! So special.....Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Beautiful!! and well worth the wait - everyone one of them looked so happy and such a goregous group of little faries!


  7. That has got to be an enormous talent to amuse children for over an hour. Not something I am blessed with. They all look so happy. great post.

  8. What a gorgeous celebration! I love the photos, what a trea! And it looks like everyone is having so much fun.



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