Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a mother's intuition

I have learnt over the last 4 years of being a mum that your intuition is the best attribute you can have as a mother. I have had to use this skill over the last 3 months as my son has had 3 ear infections, not just in the one ear, but in both ears. I am blogging about this as I had a very stressful day yesterday trying to get him into see our doctor. She is away until next week, but for those of you who know about ear infections, it is something you cannot leave. Well, I was not personally 100% sure it was an ear infection, but my intuition was 100% sure it was another one.

I frantically rang around trying to get him in anywhere. I felt that it was really not a hard thing for a doctor to take 5 minutes of their time to get their ear instrument they use to look into his ears and to check to see if they were infected. I rang four medical centers, everyone said no. One could fit me into today in the morning, but it was not at a great time, right in the middle of his sleep time. As you would know as parents, you should never wake a sleeping baby, especially a baby that is sick! I thought I would venture up to the clinic and go in there face to face and beg them to have my son seen by a doctor, but the crying mum with the very sick baby did not make a difference. It showed me why I travel 40 minutes to see my regular doctor, who was selfishly enjoying a lovely holiday!

I even went to the pharmacy to ask the pharmacist if they could look into his ears, but they are not qualified enough to receive one of those special ear instruments, an instrument I now wish I owned myself!

So how did we get through the night, pain relief along with our homeopathic ear infection medicine from my regular doctor, (who was enjoying her lovely holiday)! Luckily she gave me this medicine last month when he had his second ear infection as this mixed with pain relief got us through a long night to go to our very untimely appointment.

Like every other number that goes through the medical centre, we were called in to see the doctor, and 5 minutes later we walked out with a script for antibiotics as he has two very swollen and infected ears...... Do I have to say anymore.... "A mother's intuition!"


  1. I'm so sorry for your little one! Ear infections are very common in my family, especially on little boys...My mother intuition told me to never, ever let my son's ear wet inside. I would always dry his ears gently with tissue paper after each shampoo. I thought I maybe unnecessary, so once I didn't do it..Guess what? Ear infection the next day. I felt so stupid and angry at myself. I stick to my idea now, and no more ear infection.

    It's a small tip but I hope it will help to avoid the next one on your charming little boy ( Love the onesie!).

    I hope he will recover very quickly :)

  2. thank you so much! any other mother's intuition is fantastic...it is a fabulous attribute to have. I will do that one from now on too! You are a gorgeous mum to think of drying out his ears and I am sure he thanks you for it!

    The onesie is gorgeous...from my very lovely friend from http://www.iwantfabulous.com.au/ She has a fantastic sale on Sooki Baby, which Taj is wearing.


  3. Both of mine suffered with ear infections and then glue ear when they were young. Poor little Taj, I feel for both of you it's not nice seeing your little one in pain.

    It's important to keep an eye on it and see a trusted Dr. Both of mine needed gommets and later speech therapy.

    The worst being my son who had a lot of trouble around the 12-18mths age when they're developing those early sounds. Unfortunately, the speech problems have impacted on his reading now he's at school. I can't stress enough the importance of trusting your intuition. Problem ears can impact on so many areas of a little ones development.

    I hope he's back to his old self soon. Gorgeous photos of him too!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about little Taj's ear infection. Both my sons have suffered terribly with them and certainly after one ear infection it gets pretty easy to pick when they have their next. I hope he feels better soon. These days its so hard to get anywhere around Chrissie, I have been so glad that my lovely GP has been open through Christmas.



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