Wednesday, January 12, 2011

thoughts and hope

I have to tell you today I feel so flippin' lucky.

Not all of australia is so lucky right now as Queensland is under water, and more towns and people are being devastated by floods. One of the towns that was under water is a place I had visited a lot as a child, Toowoomba. My best friend, Stacey, was from there. We were penpals from when I was in primary school. Stacey had to move from Canberra as her dad was in the army and we kept our friendship going through the written word. (I still have every letter Stacey ever wrote me). Unfortunately in our early 20s we had a falling out and we lost contact. I had not stopped thinking about her, and I was always having beautiful memories of such an amazing friendship built on letters and regular (long) bus trips up to Toowoomba.

The floods made me search her name on Facebook, but she was no where to be found. I searched her sister's name and there Stacey was under a new name. She was married! I sent her a message to tell her that I was thinking of her and that I hoped she was not affected and neither was her family or friends. I put a little line at the end telling her how much I thought of her and never stopped. Stacey messaged me back.


Stacey said to me, "there is a ray of sunshine in QLD amongst all this rain now - happiness now that you messaged me xx"

My heart goes out to all of those in Queensland. One can only hope that as the conditions get worse that no more lives are lost. Take care x


  1. Wow -I love that you reconnected with your old friend. I reconnected with someone from my past last year. He died in December. I am so glad that I had a chance to be back in contact for a short time before he died. I like to think it is never to late to make amends, but it is not something you can sit on either.

  2. A lovely story. I am thinking of going and seeing the keynote address at the Sydney Festival. It's about hope. I feel it could be my word of the moment.
    My sister's place in Brisbane will be flooded when the river peaks tomorrow. She's feeling a little numb right now but she's safe.

  3. Hi Just found your blog and its just lovely!

    Its hard to see all the destruction going on in Queensland and even harder to see friends over here in WA unable to help their families, so its really fantastic to know that out of all this mess there are some good things, like restored friendships.

  4. Wow that is so beautiful! It's so lovely that your braced the moment and contacted her. I absolutely love this. xx Stacey (another one, not your Stacey :)

  5. A beautiful read Hayley. This is all very heartbreaking for me as I spent my first 10 years in Brisbane and I remember the 74 floods although they did not come in our home I remember seeing the water in the street.
    Mum always associates the floods with the year my brother was born as he was born a month after the floods.
    So many memories in the towns that have been swamped.
    Happy you and your friend are back in touch. xx

  6. I wish it was already summer here! Seattle is still pretty rainy and cold. haha!

    You are lookin' hot momma! Keep doing what you're doing!

  7. haha i meant to post that comment on your "Summer Picnics" post.

    Sorry about that.



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