Friday, January 28, 2011

dear keely,

Today is your last day at preschool. Next week you will be putting on your big girl uniform with your new shiny black shoes. Today you will walk out of the room you have known, and away from the teachers that have been there for you for the past year. You have learnt and grown into such a beautiful and smart big girl.

I know you will make friends on your first day. You will make them as soon as you show that beautiful and caring smile that you wear. You will play with them, eat lunch with them, (out of your new princess lunch box), and you will also laugh with them.

Keely, you are growing up, sometimes I think too fast, but you are growing with so much care for other people, and with a your heart on your sleeve......Keep that heart there, as I believe this is where they belong.

Enjoy your first day, and know the tears that will be rolling down your mum's cheeks are happy tears, not sad tears. They are tears that show you how proud I am of you, and those shiny black shoes!

love mum x


  1. What a cute little uniform! All the best for big School Keely!

  2. You have made tears roll down my cheeks.
    Beautifully written.
    I remember when both mine started school it was uplifting as well as sad.
    Both mine will be in High School this year.
    Although I am happy for them to move on my heart is sad as they are growing too big too fast.
    Oh How sometimes I wish I had my little people back again.

    Enjoy and cherish every moment. xx

  3. What a lovely note to keely. I bet you had tears in your eyes writing that hayley! Good luck on Monday. I will be thinking of you both. Xx

  4. DUDE!!! Stop, you're making me cry. I'm still to tell my boss that I have to come in late that day so I can take my little man to his first day. SO sad, yet SO exciting. BIG LOVE! x



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