Friday, January 28, 2011


Are you into labels. Putting a name to something with a sticker or just a word. I kind of am, but then I am also one that likes to have no label, and just have it be what it is. I find sometimes in life we as people are labeled to be what we are not, or more than what we are. So if you give something a label will it become more than what it is, or will it be as simple as the rice jar with the rice label? And does the rice need a label, as it is clearly rice?

I am sure I am not making sense!

I was thinking about putting labels on my blog posts. Actually it is something I thought about a few months back. Now it is a bigger job than a few months ago, but I am thinking those who are new readers would have no idea what I am going on about half of the time. I am sure sometimes the old readers would have no idea either! I can let my head go sometimes when it comes to the written word.

So would you be into seeing labels so you can read what you would like to read, and go back through posts with more ease?


  1. I was thinking the exact same thing, I did put labels on my blogs initially, but have stopped doing it. I really should put titles - I think I will start doing that instead of labels?

    I don't think labels are necessary, I am more interested in ready posts if I like the sound of the title.

    BTW your tan looks awesome with the yellow Salts. I'm so fair I go from whiter than white to whitish!

  2. Your sandals look so awesome with your tan and nail polish! Love it!

  3. Labels are pretty good if it is a sort of blog where you showcase things, and you want to find it quickly, otherwise I wouldn't bother, I pick more on the images the post has :)

  4. I think the 'You might also like:' does a good enough job as it links up to similar posts to what I've just read. I don't think I've ever selected posts via the labeling system on blogs.

    I get what you mean about labeling in terms of the bigger picture (if that's what you mean?) x



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