Thursday, January 13, 2011

the high five

Time goes too fast. Sometimes I feel it is not fast enough. But when it comes to little people and watching them grow, it is too fast. There is a part of you that wants to bottle them up and keep them little forever, and then this other part that gets excited as each year goes past. You see them achieve so much and there will never be any disappointment.

Keely is turning 5 this weekend. Yes the big 5. This year feels a lot older, and I can only assume it is a combination of the "big" school she will be going to next month, her face changing, her body becoming longer, and the way she talks to me and others. Keely really is a gentle little girl that has the biggest heart. She has been this way since she was first put on my chest, and I do not think she will ever change. This is part of her nature.

There will be a party. An awesome party. One that will be filled with giggles from little people, and the big people. I feel very unorganised, but I am sure it will all come together on the day.

All that matters is my little girl, or as she likes to be called, my big girl, is happy.

I love her that much.


  1. My little guy is turning one next month, I seriously can't believe how the time zooms by. I can only imagine how you'd feel with such a big girl.

  2. Happy Birthday Keely! My daughter turns 5 tomorrow ☼

  3. Five is a truly special age. Big school, big growth, big love. x

  4. happy birthday keely! such a sweetie pie.



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