Sunday, January 9, 2011

the naked truth

Do you feel like you are being watched. Like your whole routine is there for everyone to see. You are completely naked. Well not naked as such, but you feel naked in who you are? I am feeling this at the moment. Writing a blog is awesome, but sometimes you feel somewhat vulnerable. Is there still some of you left that people do not know about? Do you leave some element of surprise? Or are you there completely for others to see? If you do not write a blog, then maybe you have a Facebook page. This is a place where you are a little naked too. Do you leave your profile open to the world?

I have shared a lot, sometimes I think maybe too much, but those things that I have shared have helped other women, and that in itself has to be awesome. I should not feel so naked for those personal areas of my life that have been written here and also written in magazines. But there are elements of me that you cannot see in images, and you cannot see in words. Maybe you can see them?

I still want to be a surprise!


  1. You are a suprise m'love. Every day is spontaneous and will always bring something new to you and your gorgeous family. The fact that you share it with us brings something new into our lives. And I thank you for it.
    I felt the same way when I was on facebook which is why I decided to close my account. The time I spent on there is now spent getting in touch with myself either through gardening or drawing, or just sitting alone with a cup of tea.
    I blog about my work and my inspirations. I don't really delve into my personal life often (my fears, hassles and aspirations). It isn't a conscious decision, I just don't seem to do it much :)
    Take care now xxx

  2. i think everyone has a bit of a surprise element to them no matter how much they expose on blogs or FB.
    i don't give away too much, I feel like I want my place to still be a happy place where there is an illusion of baking, giggling & fun, but the blog community is so wonderful & caring that I can't help but give out some realness aswell.

    i love your posts Hayley, I feel like i am sitting there having a cuppa with you.
    many hugs to you for a fun filled & love filled new year ♥

  3. Your blog has inspired me and I'm sure many others and every time I log on it is a surprise.
    I know what you mean Hayley, sometimes I think too much about my blog and have heard of some being tampered with? and that freaks me out a little?! I have considered closing my account, but I do enjoy writing it - and with FB helps me keep in touch with my peeps.

    ♥ Al

  4. DUDE!! You are awesome, and there's so much more to you than your FB or blog pages! You are 4-dimensional living la vida loca, except without that Ricky Martin dude (thank goodness for that!). x

  5. I think you are beautiful. Your honesty has touched so many hearts, including mine. Everytime I pop over to your blog there is something new and inspiring. I'm not an expert and I understand what you are saying, but I really don't think you have anything to worry about. I just love that you are you. Love Hannah xxx

  6. I really appreciate your honesty. I had to cut back on the number of blogs I was reading where the impression is given that life is always easy, joyful, wonderful and all about the perfect nuclear family because it was making me feel so inadequate and lost.
    To read someone who has been through so much and is so frank about it is refreshing and inspiring, so thank you for that.



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