Tuesday, January 11, 2011

summer picnics

Summer would not be summer without a picnic. I am not sure if you can class buying takeaway and eating it on a rug or beach towels a picnic. Actually I think it is a very australian style picnic. How else would you eat fish and chips in australia?

My awesome friends, Sophie, Paul and their son Jarrah made the most of one cloud free evening last week to have a picnic with my little people, and me of course! We had a yummy vege burger, chips and beer. And for the record the little people did not drink beer.

The cruiser made its way to our picnic, and it became the highlight of the late afternoon. I learnt how to stop; the odds are looking good for no broken bones.

Sophie joined in the fun, and was looking like a pro.

I someone how lost my new toy to the little people. It seems I will be running away to ride her on my own.

I did however get her back to show off a little!

I hope the rain stays away and there are more picnics. I love summer!


  1. JULIETTE LEWIS! I LOVE YOU! Shred the rad lady!

  2. Looks like you're having a blast on that thing. My bidding on the eBay rollerskates hasn't gone so well. I'll keep trying.

  3. you look so different with your fringe pinned back!

    looking good on that deck, Hayls! We are a skating family. I have a quarter pipe in my backyard oh yes i do... no good for your stylish long board though! many a weekend morning is spent at the skate park with dad, two big kids and my toddler cruising their way around.(insert mum sipping a coffee on the sides somewhere here) you are lucky to be able to ride near your beach? no skating on the esplanade at cronulla ...

    p.s love the shorts too :)

  4. hey peta.... oh we are so no skateboarding along the beach too! The sign has been scratched out. I did not scratch it out, but I can only assume it was one of my new skateboarding buddies. I am a rebel without a cause, and loving it!

    Let me know when I can come and break a bone in your quarter pipe! xx

  5. loved the write up on our little picnic Hayley! And you know I love the pictures! And who would have known skateboaring was actually banned down there?! That's just silly stuff.

  6. hello my dear friend...first i wish you all the best for you and your love ones for the new year 2011...may all your wishes will come true!and its so fine to see you there and have so much fun...great...here the weather is rainy and we have some more cold months before spring will come out...;)...so enjoy the summer season and hopefully everything is allright in your part of the world...a big hug and take care...cheers and thanks to have you here...i...



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