Monday, January 10, 2011

the sound of music

Time for a random post. Just something I have been thinking about lately as I walk through my life with my music in my ears. This is what I do when I am on my own; I listen to music. I love it. I run to music, I read my book to music, I hang at home with music, I clean the house to music, (mind you I don't clean much, find it overrated), and rock in my car to music. I am completely in my own world, and it is nice to turn it up so you cannot hear the world around you. Nice way to avoid people if you don't feel like talking!

I love to sing, and dance, and clearly cannot do both. You are all very lucky that you have not witnessed my dance moves or my singing inabilities.

I love some of the new music out, but I must say I love all the music I grew up with.

I can picture myself running to this song, and for some strange reason it has not been added to my ipod....

Whilst looking through itunes to purchase some music I found an 80's album and it took me back to some awesome songs. I am not sure if you would all appreciate them, but I am sure if you were a 70s child you will love them. You may not have loved them at the time, but I am sure now you could look back and find some memories of your life back then.

This one is especially for my friend, Nat, and you are in big trouble for not buying me a ticket!

Today I ran in the rain, and broke my ipod. I actually think the relief of getting completely wet and doing what I love was worth the fact I had to purchase another ipod while the other is in for repair. I cannot live without music in my ears. And for those who do not live in Sydney the humidity is through the roof at the moment, enough to make you want to stand in the rain, or tip a bucket of cold water over your head.

This song is just because it used to crack me up, and it still does today.

I am going to sing and dance my life away. Rock on!


  1. I do the same - I have my iphone as my ipod most of the time and when that has to be charged the back up is my actual ipod!

    I love footloose!

  2. Great music selections these 80's tunes!

  3. I love all those songs!!!

    I am either music way up or complete silence. I can't decide which I like better. x

  4. Love it!
    Same age, same taste in music!

  5. know 'em all. love 'em all. you're a funny one!



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