Wednesday, January 5, 2011

forest is running

It is very nice to know I am not completely crazy and my new toy and I are going to rock. I know it is not great to bet against yourself, but I am sure within the first two months of this year I will be finding out just how much guys dig scars, and the scar might just be my first real broken bone. But in saying all of this and hedging my bets, I will be having a really good time hurting myself!

To add to my year of opportunities I am going to be putting my running shoes on to pound the pavement in a fun run. I have been in training, if you can call eating christmas turkey and ham training. I have encountered my first asthma attack in about 5 years, and that was almost a pulling out trigger, but instead I am now using that as a challenge for myself.

In all honesty I have been in training and I am going to be getting help from my doctor to manage my asthma. I am capable of managing it and I have about 4 weeks to get it under control. My awesome friend,Natalie, from The Pagoda Tree, is going to write an eating plan to help me have the body fuel to complete the race. I am sure if I did not have an eating plan I would be stopping along the way to grab a takeaway coffee and toast!

I am not sure what opportunity arises from pounding the pavement, but I already feel good doing it, and that in itself has to be a possibility. Doors open in your life, and I am opening them for myself.


  1. You can do it! Go for it! And don't be intimidated by all those crazy marathon types. Every kilometre counts, people!

  2. You go girl! Put those running shoes on and head over the bridge to Russell Lea. I've just started running (if you could call it that) and could do with some motivation.



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