Monday, November 23, 2009

something to entertain the little ones

With Christmas only around the corner now some of us are wondering what we can do to entertain the little people over the Christmas break. As everyone already knows I am a huge fan of the creative world and I love to see children using their imagination, no matter what age they are. I have just bought some fabulous gift ideas for Little Pinwheel that will keep them busy on Christmas day and every other day. There are great things not only for the girls, but for the boys too! This is only a few of the new things I have just received.


  1. I just wanted to let you know I love your blog!! I stumbled upon it because a photograher friend of mine posted a link to it on Facebook!

    These coloring books and blocks are totally up my alley! I just had a baby, who's now a little over 5 weeks old and loving every minute of motherhood! Anyway, thanks for your inspiration ;)

    I have a blog, too and if you would like to check it out, here's the address. Hope you like it!

  2. I want this for myself! The fashion coloring book is such a great idea. My little girl just started admiring her little dresses in the mirror and I think this book would be perfect as a Christmas present.



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