Thursday, November 26, 2009

how do you get through your day?

I was inspired to write a post about how I get through my day with Little Pinwheel and two little ones in tow. The inspiration comes from one of my daily reads... the sesame ellis photoblog.

I still often ask myself at the end of the day how I got through it all and how I now sit here on the computer writing another blog post for the day. I do however look around and realise the dishes have not been done, (well stacked in the dishwasher), there are still a few items randomly placed around the house from the little ones and my "dumper" husband, the clean washing has not been put away, (but at least I got to doing the washing; got to give myself some credit), and the main one would have to be the housework has not been done again!

Being a stay at home mum with two little ones is a challenge without having an online store too. But we do get through it; 'we' being myself and my little people. They still manage to have a lot of mummy love and they are fed, wear clean clothes and have lots of fun activities to see them through their days. So how does the Little Pinwheel mum do it???

coffee, coffee, coffee (well I am breastfeeding, so decaf...just sounds good to chant coffee)!

a walk down the beach/park is always an adventure, love our nature!

park play... love to make a trip to any of the parks around our home

the beach, even if they only want to play on the stairs!

the new version of playing under the sprinkler and mum not caring how wet he to go with the flow!

We are really lucky to have a fairy live in our unit block, her name is Fairy Skye and she owns all these fun fairies that she has lovingly placed in the garden for Keely to play with. This is our new thing to play with while we organise Little Pinwheel deliveries for the day, and before that it was the bike and drawing with the chalk.

For me to get through the day it is all about going with the flow; you cannot have too much hope for a smooth day, chaos is always part of our day. We don't watch that much TV.... although it does help sometimes, we are into craft and having the concrete floor in the kitchen helps. Keely can draw on it with chalk, she can do her paintings in the kitchen while I do some Little Pinwheel work. When Taj is up we are never in the house, we are out and about enjoying the sunshine or playing in the puddles if it is raining.

Now off to clean the kitchen and have some sleep!


  1. My house is constant mess!!!!
    I only tidy it when I have visitors
    Thank goodness husband really wants me to succeed with Mini-S so he has been picking up the pieces....the dirty dishes left around, Roccos toys everywhere

  2. Sounds like my house too! I love the idea of going with the flow and even though sometimes I look at all the housework that hasn't been done guiltily, it's so much more important to enjoy these precious moments with our little ones.

  3. i loved reading this! Thanks for linking it. And how lucky to live with a fairy!



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