Tuesday, November 17, 2009

online christmas shopping

I have been inspired by a fellow blogger, Virginia from mum/toddler/babe to shop only online this year for Christmas. As she had said it is nice to support other stay at home mums that have businesses online. So this year I am hitting the net! (I actually do a lot of online shopping anyway, but this will be "everything" bought online).

It does not take me long to start and my first purchase was from someone that I think is extremely talented and creative and that is Jacqui from Meeabee. I have spoken about her before as she found the best fabric to use for my son, Taj's first man bag for his birthday. I thought it would be nice to see what other things she has on offer and I purchased a toy bag for Keely and one for Taj. These are fantastic and could be used for anything, but I will use them to keep the same set of toys together for them.

I also purchased Keely her very own Meeabee design, which is a very cute ring handle bag... or as I am sure she will call it her princess bag! The print is different on both sides, one is a morning stroll and the other side features the afternoon stroll.

Jacqui always packages everything so nicely and she always adds something cute and lovely from Japan, if it be a nice note on divine paper or to be lucky like me and to receive these cute animal stickers.

I have just made my second purchase with a very talented lady, who makes fabric necklaces. I found her site through Sarah Thompson from Style Me Gorgeous, who designed my website and who also designed Piper + Lily's lovely new logo. I bought Keely and her cousin Dakota one of her gorgeous necklaces for christmas.

I am also going to support myself... sounds strange I am sure and not sure if it qualifies, but I have some great things for the little ones for their christmas sacks. For Taj I am going to get him the Cocoon Couture bean bag as he loves Keely's one and is forever grabbing it, holding it in the air and then throwing it on the ground with himself in it! I will also get him the great Sevi percussion set, just so we can create more noise in the house....well at least it will sound good; I hope anyway! I will be putting in the Craft Schmaft G-Raf for him to play with, it will be made up before christmas and put in his sack as he is too little to do that kind of craft yet, but I love it so much I really would like him to have one. Also great excuse to have Keely and I to do more craft together!

The Awesome book and The Magical Milky Way's Super Galactic Zoo books will be making it into Keely's christmas sack along with the Craft Schmaft G-Raf in pink. I also decided to give her the Sevi Toothbrush Timer as she is miss independent and this will show her the required time she needs to make her teeth clean.

With all of these wonderful things, they really do not need much more, although Keely has done her first letter to Santa and there are a few things on there that I have not got on my list as yet.

We did her first Santa letter over the weekend and it was a great activity. As Keely cannot write that well yet, I thought she could write her letter with pictures and then I could write the words for her. I was quite amazed and proud when she wrote "Santa" from the Santa I wrote on a separate piece of paper for her to copy. My favourite thing she would like for christmas is her very own plant to have in her bedroom!

I know there will be a few more gifts I will need for people close to me and I will source them all online. There will be a couple more things I will get for the little ones, nothing huge, just a few stocking fillers. To put all their gifts in I will be purchasing the Cocoon Couture Santa sacks for them... super cool and a good size to put it all in!

So why not support online stores, there are so many creative and wonderful people and businesses to support. Why give the money to the big department stores when you receive so much more attention to detail online!


  1. I've stocked up on the Piper + Lily necklaces too. Am doing a giveaway of one right now too.

    Thanks for the lovely mention. xo

  2. Thats a great idea!! I also purchase online for everything basically except groceries :-)
    But this year I am buying all my Christmas presents online also... Its a great way to support WAHM businesses and there always some great special deals around...

  3. Thanks Hayely!! I am still thinking about my list. I need cute stuff for boys please! My kids have a lot of lovely clothes waiting for them in NZ, Three Little Trees from Little Pinwheel, Brusselsprouts shorts, ThulaThula jeans. Buttons by Lou Lou has me set up with magnets which my 8 year old will love.
    I love shopping so this is the best time of the year for me.

  4. As a mother working crazy hours, I find it easier to browse through online stores --- and they're so much more fun than real department stores sometimes!

    I'm interested in those books! They look so creative.



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