Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have blogged about Taj and his development with walking before, but now it is getting just that little bit more exciting. We are now up to 17 steps, pretty much the full length of our kitchen. Today was the big change for him, he went from the 5 or 6 steps right up to the 17 steps in such a short period of time. Taj was also quick to show me that he could stand up on his own, no holding on mum, and to just go. The bopping up and down to test his balance and his boundaries while standing up is so cute! The smiles, concentration and the little giggles of proudness are priceless, so perfect I have captured them on video for us to have forever, as well as static images.

The development of a child amazes me and I am sure it will always surprise me with every different stage, no matter what age they are. Little people grow up so fast and before you know it you are going from a newborn that just sleeps to a child that does not want to sleep; from a little person that cannot speak to one that back chats you; from a baby that only feeds on milk to a big girl or boy that won't eat the food you cook for them.....

I am so lucky to be a mum!


  1. Yes being a mum is the best. So nice to read about his first steps. I remember that time. My girl is 4 now - she has reached the age where she likes to be alone on her room listening to music and dancing with her best friend. Time sure flies. We must remember to appreciate the times when they can't do anything on their own - and only want their mum:)But why is it always right before they need to go to bed;)?

  2. What a little sweetie!! Time really does go by so fast!!

  3. he he... thanks for the giggle Frk, that is so funny and yes it is always right before they need to go to bed! My daughter will be 4 at the beginning of next year and I cannot believe the change in her... the independence is top of the list.



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