Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my christmas shopping update

I have been a busy little elf collecting some great presents for my little people. I am loving everything I have bought, especially Taj's new silver shoes! Yes, I am sure some of you are going to be thinking what am I thinking putting silver shoes on a boy, but trust me they are cool and he has a lot of spunk to pull them off. Plus you don't have to be a girl to wear silver, you just need to know how to wear it!

I bought his tip toey joeys from Paperartzi Boutique along with a bugaboo breezy canopy that I need for our pram for summer, which of course is not part of his presents for Christmas. The service I received from them was so lovely... I had to ring the store to check with them that they had the shoes in stock and the customer service I received was exceptional.

I am in to wooden toys and loved this set from Mudd Kids that I saw today and had to snap it up straight away. Mudd Kids is all about 'organic fair trade that does not cost the earth." I also fell in love with the fair trade knitters and I ordered Taj the lion. I know little people get a lot of teddy bears in their time, but these are different, it will be a friend he will have for life and the story behind the lion is worth buying it for.... and seriously isn't he cute!

My shopping did not stop there! I have a bit of a thing with hair accessories for Keely and I am in love with what creative people can come up with when it comes to the basic hair clip. Tutti Fruiti hair clips are all made by Belinda and you can tell a lot of love goes into them. They were made with teenage girls in mind, but I am loving them for every age....even for me! She also makes rings and earrings....loving the earrings! I think I will be keeping a set for Keely and the other will be for one of her girlfriends for their birthdays. How super cute is Belinda's wrapping it!

Yesterday when I went to my favourite shop, Pulp Creative Paper, I bought Keely this divine magnetic retro dress up dolls. I am loving these and I know as a child I played with the paper versions, so it is nice to still see them around, even if they are now magnetic. I bought this for the ease of taking it everywhere, in the car for holiday trips and to the cafe so mum can finish a coffee in the cafe instead of always getting take away!

I am now at the stage where I need to pull out all the pressies and make sure I have all I need and have another think of what they may need to fill their santa sacks. I have Keely's birthday 2 weeks after Christmas, so I need to think of that too... but thinking she will be getting her first surfboard and wetsuit!

I hope you are all getting your shopping done.... don't forget I have 25% off storewide until the 29th November. Use coupon code: prexmas25


  1. Love the shoes!!! Taj will be a very hip little one.

    I'm nearly done too and just have to lay it all out and get wrapping and then work out what I'm missing!

  2. Such gorgeous hairpins! I'm off to check out the shop!

  3. I need to stop reading your blog, or earn more money. Not sure which would be best! Just ordered a couple of those fair trade knitters lions. I really wanted an elephant too! (sold out). Thanks for the link :)

  4. Glad you love them as much as I do Peta!! I received the lion today and seriously he is better in real life! I can smell the wool, so fresh like they knitted him right off the sheep's back. It even has the name of the lady who made him inside the tag. He would make a great gift to any child. He was also wrapped so special, with his head out so he could still that is cute...thanks MUDD KIDS! x



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