Wednesday, November 4, 2009

little ones & playgroup

I am a bit of a fan of going to playgroup, really why wouldn't you be... it is an hour and a half of entertainment for your little ones. They have morning tea, do craft, play with other little people, they are creating chaos in a place that is not your home and you get to have what I call a "break" (a word that means so much to a mum and a dad; a word that really does not mean a break in the way that childless people would see it).

We used to venture to playgroup every Tuesday before I had Taj and it was our thing to do on a Tuesday morning. Keely loved it and so did I. It was nice to help organise craft activities, help with the setup and packing away, playing the organised games and just being with other mums and meeting new people. You can sign up for the whole term and pay a flat rate or you can go as a casual member and drop in whenever it works into your routine.

Taj is at a new development stage with his sleeps and they have changed in the timing of the day, which now enables Keely and I to go back to having our playgroup Tuesdays together. Now it is more fun as Taj gets to venture along with us and get involved with playing with all the equipment. Even though they are at different ages and at different levels of development it is still a great morning out for the little ones and for me.

I think any activity with your chidren, that gets them out of the house, socialising, using their imagination, developmental skills and personalities is a great day for them and for the mum and dad.



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