Monday, November 2, 2009

mini break in melbourne with two little people

What a fantastic time I had away with my two children! I was unsure how I would go with two little people on my own in Melbourne and wow did I prove some people wrong.... I did it and it was so good I am going to do it again.

The first day we walked around and went to the shops in the city; we stayed in the city, the Paris end of town. I was equipped with my bugaboo pram with the skateboard attached and the ergo baby carrier in case Taj needed a cuddle to go to sleep. I LOVE melbourne, and the shopping is fantastic. Although, this trip was not for me so when I say shopping, I really mean from past experiences. It was more about them and where Keely wanted to go and look. I still did get to go down some of my favourite alleys to get coffee.

The apartment where we stayed was one bedroom, so we all shared the one room. Keely and I got to have the best cuddles and Taj slept in a travel cot (well some of the time, he also had cuddles)! It was hard a time for myself and Taj with his sleeps, he really did not like to fall asleep himself in the cot, he got quite scared. I worked out my way of it working for the both of us and he just wanted me to be there and rub his back as he fell asleep. On the first night he cut two teeth! We both got through the night and awoke to 4 teeth down the bottom... nothing like another milestone.

The second day we were going to go to the zoo, but it was really hot, so we decided to head to the aquarium where it would be cooler.... they have antarctica there! The penguins were amazing... so beautiful and graceful. That night we had pasta from Cafe on Burke, a cafe I was recommended to go to. Well the pasta and the staff was that good we went back on our last night to have it again!

Our third day Keely picked to go to the zoo and it was the best day to go as it was overcast and a lot cooler. There is nothing like going to the zoo with little ones and to watch their faces in amazement as they see the animals so close to them; animals they only really see in books. We caught the train from Flinders St Station; Keely and Taj's first time on a train. It was a lovely day out and one that I was able to finish with a spot of shopping for me! I only got an hour, but trust me I don't need long to find something I like and for me to spend!

The trip was full of love, excitement, spontaneity and some chaos.... yes there were some hard times, but there are when you are at home with your little ones. The only one hard time I had was when I tried to find the tram to go to the zoo on the 30+ day. I got told to go to the wrong street and the tram drivers gave me no help; as I had two children that were so over it, a mum that was hot and bothered, and a mum that had to talk her daughter into going the aquarium instead. That along with the cutting of two new teeth was my chaotic times... not bad really! This is a trip I would recommend to any other mum or dad.... go for it, seriously you have nothing to loose and trust me anything that would happen on your break with your little ones would happen at home. You just need to be prepared as much as possible and to do this I personally just thought of my children and their personalities and their needs and I packed for that.

Where will we go next?.....


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful glad you did and so glad you are back YAY! Jen x

  2. oh my gosh your kids are seriously SO cute!!!


  3. Well done H ! ... loved reading this xox



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